Hafele Magnus - Cold Press Juicer 250 Watt, Black

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  • Key Features
  • Slow and gentle rotation of 35 RPM
  • Big 83 mm MagnaFeed inlet for whole fruits
  • Smart Flow System - Mixes and Holds Juice when using more than 2 Kinds of Ingredients
  • Higher Juice Yield (Upto 80% more)
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • BPA Free Material
  • Powerful AC Motor with Copper Windings
  • Power: 250 Watts

MagnaFeed Inlet

The MagnaFeed Inlet of the Magnus Cold Pressed Juicer is 83 mm in diameter which helps it take in whole fruits like a big apple, pear, oranges, etc. without the hassle of cutting them.

Gentle and Slow Squeezing

The auger in the new Magnus Cold Pressed Juicer is made by FDA PMMA alloy, known for its strength and hardness. It rotates at a slow speed of 35 RPM without generating any heat in the process, thus preventing oxidation and maximizing the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables. This in turn helps maintain the taste of the juice closest to the flavours of the original ingredients.

More Than 80% Juice Yield

Due to the slow auger rotations of Hafele's Magnus Cold Pressed Juicer, you can get a maximum juice output. The residual juice in the pulp waste is less than 20%.

SmartFlow System

Mix things up with the new Magnus Juicer. The SmartFlow System in this juicer allows you to mix and hold the juice when you are using more than one fruit / vegetable. The Smart Cap controls the flow of the juice and the continuous rotation of the auger helps to achieve 100% mixed juice while pouring it out.

Single Button Operation

The handling of the juicer is pretty simple. You press the top part of the switch for continuous juicing, press the bottom portion to clear out the MagnaFeed when ingredients get stuck in the cavity and balance the switch in the centre when you need to turn the juicer off.

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