Philips FILTER FY2420/10 Carbon Filter For Model No-AC2887/AC2882/AC3821

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  • Filter Meant For The Following Model Numbers Of Philips Air Purifiers
    1. AC2887
  • 3.AC3821
Colour Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 21 x 292 x 375 Millimeters
Power Source Manual

About this item

  • Nano protect activated carbon filter
  • Honeycomb structured activated carbon filter provides effective removal of harmful TVOCs and odors
  • Unfolded activated carbon absorption area is equivalent to about 20 football fields to provide superior and consistent protection
  • Long lifetime of up to 1 year depending on usage and pollution level
  • Easy-to-install DIY (do it yourself) filter
  • Healthy air protect alert on the purifier warns you when to replace the filter
  • To be used with Philips AC2882 or AC2887,AC3821 air purifier
  • Includes: Air purifier filter

Breathe the difference

Honeycomb structured active carbon filter provides effective removal of TVOC and odors.*

As long as 12 months lifetime

Unfolded active carbon adsorption area is equal to about 43 football courts which provides consistent protection and a long lifetime up to 12 months.


Effectively reduces TVOC and odors

Honeycomb structured active carbon is made for the purpose of effectively removing various gases: incl. harmful TVOC and odors.


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