Kelvinator 1.5 Ton 3 Star KAW-Y18320B Window AC with Blue Fin Coating

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1 Year on product and 5 year only compressor warranty

Key Features
  • 5 Years Compressor Warranty
  • Blue Fin Coating
  • SmartFiltAir
  • 100% Copper

Blue Fin Coating
Better resistance along with better care.
Protection for your Air Conditioner is important too! A blue fin epoxy coating on the condenser prevents water droplets, salt or any form acid from accumulating in the coil. As a result, it also amplifies the cooling capacity of your Air Conditioner by allowing the refrigerant to conduct better heat, thereby increasing the Air Conditioner’s life span.

* This Kelvinator Air Conditioner image is for illustration purpose only. Actual image may vary.

100% Copper
Improved cooling with long-lasting performance.
Our Air Conditioner is built to last long, really long! Kelvinator Air Conditioners use 100% copper for all the parts, be it the evaporator coil, the condenser coil or the connecting tube. This means that your Kelvinator Air Conditioner, will provide efficient cooling every time while fighting against corrosion and save electricity at the same time.

* This Kelvinator Air Conditioner image is for illustration purpose only. Actual image may vary.

Auto Restart Protection
Guards compressor against power cuts.
The Kelvinator Air Conditioner is always protected! Frequent power cuts often put stress on the Air Conditioners compressor. Whenever your Air Conditioner is switched ON and OFF in a short span of time, the compressor automatically restarts only after 3 minutes, to ensure that there is no damage caused to the compressor.

Smart filt air

* This Kelvinator Air Conditioner image is for illustration purpose only. Actual image may vary.

Turbo Mode
Turbo Mode cools your room effectively by operating at the highest fan speed.

Eco Mode
Eco Mode adjusts airflow according to the default room temperature (24oC), thereby reducing energy bills.

General Information
  • Model -KAW-Y18310B
  • Air Conditioner Type -Window
  • Brand -Kelvinator
AC Operations
  • ISEER Value -3
  • Approx. Room Size -111 to 150 sq.ft.
  • Tonnage -1.5 Ton
  • Auto Air Swing -Yes
  • Auto Clean Function -No
  • Hot & Cold -No
Window AC Operations
  • DC Inverter Technology -No
  • Air Direction -2 Way
  • Filter Types -PM 2.5 Filter
  • Max. Air Circulation -500.29 CFM
  • Noise level -58 dB
  • Refrigerant -R-32
  • Speed Settings -4 Speeds- Auto, Low, Medium, High
AC Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Enabled-No
Window AC Dimensions
  • Depth (Main Unit) -66 cm
  • Width Main Unit -66 cm
  • Height (Main Unit) -43 cm
  • Weight (Main Unit) -58000 gram
  • Colour -White
Certificates & Ratings
  • BEE STAR Rating Disclaimer -Ratings are valid for a specific duration of time and may undergo revisions from time to time.
  • BEE STAR Rating -3 Star
Additional Features
  • Features -
  • Max Power: 2.100 KW
  • Max Ampere: 10.2 A
In The Box & Warranty
  • In The Box -LCD Remote, User Manual, Warranty Card
  • Warranty -1 Year


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mahajan Electronics

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