5 Amazing Products For This Amazing Monsoon

by Manas Mahajan on Sep 14, 2022

5 Amazing Products For This Amazing Monsoon

Monsoon season is probably the best time of the year as it brings the much-awaited relief from the scorching summer heat. But, unfortunately, the feeling of joy is short-lived as this season not just brings a pleasant climate and heavy rain showers but also excessive humidity and various other concerns.

Are you trying to figure out how to overcome this challenge without sacrificing the joy of the monsoon? Well, then stop freaking out as we’ve got you covered. Here, we have put together the five best products that will surely help you make the most of this amazing time of year. Check them out and spruce up your home with some monsoon must-haves.

5 Must-Have Appliances to Make You Monsoon Ready

Monsoon is all about setting back and enjoying the rain showers with a hot cup of beverage and some good snacks. If you wish to keep on admiring the exotic beauty of this season without any hassle, then upgrade your collection with the below-mentioned monsoon essentials and enjoy a soothing experience.

1. Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker

Add the modern Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker to your kitchen collection and say goodbye to the hassle of your regular strainer. It is compact and can be stored in a quarter the size of the traditional colander, making it a great choice for those constrained with limited space counter.

This rice cooker supports automatic cooking and switches off automatically once the food is cooked. It is made of premium-grade anodized aluminum, which further makes it sturdy and durable. The next thing about anodized aluminum is that it is harder than regular steel and is non-reacting with food, thus keeping your eatables safe and secure.

Panasonic Rice Cooker comes with convenient handles to allow maximum grip while using the appliance. Additionally, it also features stainless steel lid to keep your food covered. The lid comes with a steam vent which allows steam to escape, thus preventing lathering and overflow of the rice.

2. Philips HD4920 Induction Cooktop

Once used to be a luxury of the rich, the Induction Cooktop has now become a staple of every modern household. While the market is full of tons of options, we are here to root for Philips HD4920 Induction Cooktop for many good reasons.

Firstly, this cooktop is sleek and sturdy, thus adding an edge to your kitchen interiors. It is equipped with electromagnetic induction technology that provides high heating efficiency and fast cooking.

The best part of using an induction cooktop is that it retains vital nutrients and vitamins that often get lost while cooking on direct flame. It is simple to use and requires no tech expertise. What other thing makes it worth adding to your collection is its cool touch surface and auto shut-off program. Additionally, this cooktop also has multiple cooking modes, so you can select the option based on what you are cooking.

3. A O Smith Water Geyser Finesse

Want to keep yourself warm amidst heavy monsoon showers? Get A O Smith Water Geyser Finesse installed and enjoy hot water flowing from the faucet whenever you want. It is equipped with smart modes that facilitate hot water as per your requirement.

Moreover, this geyser is fitted with a Blue Diamond glass-lined tank which makes it sturdy and durable. It also features a glass-coated oncology heating element to deliver long-lasting performance.

This AO Smith water heater offers double protection for your family with its thermal cut-out and safety valve. It comes with a pre-installed Anode Rod that protects the tank and heating element from corrosion.

4. JBL Partybox 310

What’s the better way to celebrate monsoon than savoring delicious snacks and listening to your favorite music? If that’s what you are looking for this monsoon, then look no further and order JBL Partybox 310 right away.

It comes with a powerful JBL pro sound,a light show synced with the music, and an 18-hour battery life. This PartyBox is IPX4 splashproof so you don’t have to worry about the system amidst monsoon showers. It is compatible with most speaker stands and comes with backlit buttons for DJ control in the dark.

The best thing about this partybox is that you can easily link together two or more systems for a great, party-like experience. Do not forget to install the JBL PartyBox App to control the music without leaving the couch.

5. IFB Washer Dryer Executive ZXS

In addition to the music system, water heater, and rice cooker, another appliance that you cannot afford to miss during monsoon is the washer and dryer. Rain showers can come without any prior notice; hence, you must invest in dryers that can help you dry your laundry without any hassle.

IFB Executive Washer Dryer is a 3-in-1 laundry solution and comes with a washer, dryer, and steam refresher to keep the odor at the bay. It offers 99.99% germ-free washing and offers 11 different steam programs. With its smart connectivity and groove-less tub, this appliance is absolutely a must-have for this monsoon.

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Summing Up

That’s it, readers. We hope our collection will help you get through this monsoon in style. Grab all these products now and make your life much easier and better without spending a fortune.