5 Breakfast Appliances To Speed Up Your Mornings

by Manas Mahajan on Jul 26, 2022

5 Breakfast Appliances To Speed Up Your Mornings

There’s no denying that morning is the most hectic part of your daily routine. There’s so much to do to ensure your day kickstarts on an efficient and smooth note, including dressing up, waking up your kids, prepping meals, and more.

While you devote your time to all of these activities, what exactly suffers is your breakfast. Because people are so busy carrying out their morning routine, cooking always gets put on the backburner and so do the mealtimes. Although there are plenty of quick recipes available for breakfast, the task of preparing it can feel troublesome.

Get tired of skipping breakfast and looking for a way out? Invest in the best kitchen appliances and whip up your family a scrumptious breakfast spread with ease.

From a refreshing pop-up toaster to a coffee maker, the market is packed with a massive collection of nifty kitchen gadgets that will help you start your morning in the most hassle-free manner. So, let’s get started.

Jumpstart Your Mornings With the 5 Best Breakfast Appliances

A well-made breakfast not only gives you the energy to get through the day but also perks up your mood and puts your mind in the right frame. Wondering about what breakfast appliances you should invest in?

Here, we’ve compiled the 5 best options to whip up a good and healthy breakfast meal. Pick the right appliance and enjoy your mornings like never before.

1. Hafele Amber 4-Slot Toaster

Let’s unroll the list with the obvious!! Who would not love to kickstart a day with a freshly popped bread toast slathered with butter? Well, if you are one of them, then look no further and invest in the Hafele Amber 4-Slot Toaster. This appliance comes with 7 adjustable browning levels and Dual Control System, so you can either use 2 or 4 slots, based on your requirements. Hafele Amber Toaster is made up of a premium stainless steel body; hence, you can count on this breakfast appliance for a long.

The sophisticated and chic look of the toaster makes it a staple for every modern household. In addition, this toaster can carry out other functions as well, including Reheating and Defrosting, so you can easily defrost the freezer-stored bread. It also has an auto shut-off feature to ensure safety.

2. Bajaj Majesty Ultra-Sandwich Press and Open Contact Grill

Craving healthy and delicious sandwiches in the morning? Add Bajaj Majesty Open Contact Grill and Sandwich Maker to your kitchen collection and pamper your taste buds without putting much effort. This appliance is made up of stainless steel outer body with a mirror finish. It has a 180-degree open griddle so you can easily grill your sandwiches and get them ready in no time. This sandwich maker comes with a temperature control knob so you can make adjustments based on your requirements.

It has a drip collector bowl for collecting excess oil, making it ideal for fitness-conscious people. In addition, this 4-slice press sandwich maker also has floating hinges that automatically adjust to any size and shape of the sandwich.

3. Delonghi Pump and Drip Coffee Maker

For most adults, Coffee is an essential beverage to kickstart mornings. Invest in the Delonghi Pump and Drip Coffee Maker and access freshly brewed coffee with a press of a button. This machine is appreciated to prepare excellent espresso, cappuccino, and filter coffee. It comes with a removable water reservoir so you can easily refill the water and clean the machine without much effort. This coffee maker has complete frontal loading that allows you to refill the ingredients from the front without moving the machine.

In addition, it keeps your cup warmer while your coffee is brewing so that you can enjoy a cup of coffee without losing its warmth. Delonghi Coffee Maker is equipped with an adjustable steam emission knob, which further enables you to manage the flow of steam to brew your coffee to perfection.

4. Philips Viva Collection Juicer

Are you a health freak? Add Philips Viva Juicer to your collection now and kickstart your mornings with freshly squeezed juice. With an 800ml juice jug capacity, this juicer is capable of serving medium to large families. This appliance comes with QuickClean Technology, making it easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, it has a see-through pulp container for easy checking of the pulp. Philips Viva Juicer is one-of-its-kind, that comes with a pre-clean function. You can create a water fountain in the appliance by pouring water into the pusher. It has an XL feeding tube, allowing you to juice even large fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting.

5. Bajaj Electric Kettle

An electric kettle would be the perfect addition to the kitchen for those who prefer sipping herbal teas or hot water in the morning. While there are plenty of options available on the market, we are rooting for Bajaj Electric Kettle which conveniently serves a hot beverage to your entire family. It is easy to hold and convenient to operate with cordless functionality. The kettle is made up of a stainless steel body with a plastic base, which further adds to the attraction level of any modern kitchen. So, invest in this appliance now and boil water in a breeze.

Summing Up

So, that’s it. With a little planning and appropriate appliances, you can easily upgrade your breakfast experience. Look no further and pick any of these options to start your day in style.