5 Surprising Health Benefits of Cooking with an Air Fryer

by Manas Mahajan on Jul 21, 2022

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Cooking with an Air Fryer

Who on this planet doesn’t love eating crispy, lip-smacking food without adding inches to their waistline? Well, if you are one of those individuals who love making fried foods, but don’t want the mess of oil and grease, then it’s safe to say that you are in luck as Air Fryer can really save your day. The benefits of Air Fryer are endless, making them a staple for every modern kitchen.

This appliance is widely-applauded for producing crunchy, crispy food with minimal fat. It undoubtedly makes cooking more convenient and not to mention that the lower oil content makes the food healthier.

Are you still confused about this new-age fryer and wondering whether you should invest in this appliance or not? Here, we have outlined 5 amazing health benefits of an air fryer that make it worth spending on. Additionally, the guide also covers the 2 best air fryers to add to your collection. Let’s get into it.

Health Benefits of Air Fryers

This household countertop appliance uses high-speed fans to cook crispy food, which is similar to the effect of deep-frying. Below are mentioned the 5 health benefits of Air Fryer that won’t make you regret buying this appliance for sure.

1. Less fat and low calories

Let’s begin with the basics. An air fryer comes with pre-installed high-speed fans that evenly circulate air and cook crispy, crunchy food with a light coating of oil. Since this appliance doesn’t use additional oils, it makes your meals healthier so you can enjoy an active lifestyle without compromising on your cravings.

With an air fryer, you can easily savor flavorful food while avoiding the extra calories that come with it. Various studies suggest that cooking with an air fryer can significantly cut down the fat content by 50 times; hence the food contains substantially less fat and calories.

2. It helps you preserve more nutrients in food

You’ll be glad to know that the air fryers don’t just add crispy texture and taste, they can also preserve certain nutrients, such as Vitamin C and polyphenols, that are usually compromised during other cooking methods.

Air fryers use a lower heat than traditional ovens, which means that food can remain in its natural state and retain more of its nutritional value. This is especially important for foods that are high in antioxidants, like vegetables and fruits. Using this kitchen appliance can help protect the nutritional integrity of a home-cooked meal while making your food crunchy and tasteful.

3. Air Fryer doesn’t interfere with your weight loss regime

Cooking with an air fryer is a good way to reduce the amount of fat and calories that you eat. It uses significantly less oil compared to traditional cooking methods, thus helping you enjoy flavorful food without interfering with your weight loss journey.

The food cooked with an air fryer potentially reduces your caloric intake, thus contributing to weight loss. It requires a light coating of oil or a few drops; hence, allows you to satiate your cravings while keeping minimal saturated fat content.

4. Safer Cooking

One of the benefits of Air Fryer is its safer and faster cooking. This appliance is way safer than other cooking methods as it uses less oil. It means that you won’t be adding any extra fat to your food, which can increase your risk of heart disease and other health problems.

Air Fryer also takes less time than baking or broiling, which means that you can cook more food in the same amount of time. This makes it a great choice for busy people who don’t have time to wait for their food to cook.

5. Less Energy Consumption

Air fryers use less energy than traditional cooking methods, such as stovetop or oven cooking, and they don’t require preheating or cooling. It also doesn’t create unhealthy smoke or fumes, which is a common danger with stovetop and oven frying.

You’ll be glad to know that Air Fryers cost about 25 cents per hour of cooking compared to 40 to 50 cents gas or electric oven, making them a must-have for a modern household.

A Guide to the Best Air Fryers For Healthy Cooking

Now that you are aware of the health benefits of Air Fryer, it’s time to unwrap the 2 best options that you can add to your kitchen collection without breaking the bank. Check them out here-

1. Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer

Equipped with digital touch control panel and Aero Crisp technology, Havells Air Fryer offers eve air circulation for producing crispy exteriors and flavorful food. It auto shuts off after 60 minutes and comes with 10 preset options for precision cooking.

The air fryer has 6.5-litre Pan Capacity and 5-Litre food basket capacity. It also has over-heating protection function and safety lock to ensure the durability of the appliance.

2. Philips Digital Air Fryer

Philips Digital Air Fryer is packed with multiple features to ensure healthy and convenient cooking. It comes with manually-adjustable time and temperature control. Moreover, the appliance has a Keep Warm mode, so you can enjoy your meal whenever you want to. It creates less smell than normal fryers and is dishwasher-safe; hence, easy to clean and maintain.

Summing Up

So, that’s all about the health benefits of Air Fryer. Wait no more!! Add the air fryer to your kitchen now and relish crispy, fried food with little to no added oil.