7 Best Voltas Split Air Conditioners In India 2023

by Manas Mahajan on Feb 22, 2023

7 Best Voltas Split Air Conditioners In India 2023

Summers are around the corner, and it’s high time to upgrade your home with the new and latest air conditioner. Gone are the days when ACs used to be the luxury of the rich, as now they have become necessary to combat soaring temperatures. However, choosing the best AC brand isn’t as simple as it may seem. The market has many options, turning a simple choice into a backbreaking task.

When it comes to reliable and efficient split ACs, the Voltas brand is highly preferred by consumers in India. Their ACs have cutting-edge technology and innovative features to help consumers handle scorching heat. We have outlined the seven best Voltas Air Conditioners for your home or office in 2023. Check them out and choose accordingly.

What are the Benefits of a Split Air Conditioner?

Before we enlist the seven best Voltas Split Air Conditioners to buy in 2023, let’s first outline why you should choose split ACs over traditional window options. Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of investing in Split Air Conditioners.

  • Easy to Install

Unlike their window counterparts, Splits ACs don’t require any ductwork; hence, they are easier to install. Indoor and Outdoor units remain connected with the condenser tubes even if they are separated by 100 feet.

  • Energy Efficient

The second best benefit of Split Air Conditioners is that they are more energy efficient than window ACs. Since these Split ACs are completely ductless, it saves most of the energy while reducing the cost of electricity bills in the future.

  • Quite

Traditional AC creates noise due to the condenser and fan, making it non-suitable for sleeping. Split ACs, on the other hand, produce the bare minimum sound, thus offering quiet and soundproof performance.

A Guide to Top 7 Voltas Split Air Conditioners to Buy in 2023

Are you ready to find out the best Voltas Split Air Conditioners to buy this summer? Here’s a comprehensive guide entailing the seven top-notch options to spend on. Scroll through them and invest accordingly.

1. Voltas 1.5 Ton Inverter 5-Star Split AC

Let’s start the list with the premium option. Voltas 1.5 Ton Inverter 5-star Split AC has an adjustable speed compressor that adjusts power depending on the heat load. This AC is considered to be the most energy-efficient and has the lowest-noise operation. Its 1.5-ton capacity makes it suitable for medium-sized rooms.

This split air conditioner is packed with a copper condenser coil for better cooling and low maintenance. It has an anti-dust filter and a Twin Rotary for a wide operating range.

2. Voltas Split AC 2 Ton 24H CZS Hot & Cold AC

The second-best Split Air Conditioner is Voltas 24H CZS Hot & Cold AC. It is best known for offering high ambient cooling to combat scorching heat and soaring temperatures. This Voltas Air Conditioner comes with an Active Dehumidifier that easily removes moisture from the air while curbing the growth of mold and mites.

The AC condenser is made up of 100% copper for better cooling. Its anti-microbial air filtration makes the air clean and breathable.

3. Voltas 36CZV Split AC 3.0 Ton

This stylish, slim, and compact Voltas 36CZV Split AC is engineered with a high-quality compressor for energy efficiency. You can operate this dual-control AC with its LCD handset or panel controller. The best thing about this Voltas Split Air Conditioner is its noise-canceling technology that ensures silent operation.

Moreover, this AC also has a child lock switch to prevent unwanted access, thus ensuring safe use. It features a rotary compressor and copper coil material for effective cooling.

4. Voltas 1.5 Ton Split Inverter Hot & Cold AC

Equipped with a variable speed compressor, Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Hot & Cold AC is widely known for being the most energy-efficient option to buy in 2023. It adjusts power depending on the heat load, thus saving energy to the maximum extent. It has five cooling modes; you can pick any of them through the remote control.

The AC is suitable for medium-sized rooms and boasts one year warranty on the product and ten years on the Inverter Compressor.

5. Voltas Adjustable Inverter 2-Ton AC Vectra Elite

The next best option to spend on is the Voltas Adjustable Inverter 2-Ton Split AC. It has various adjustable modes, and the unit runs at four different cooling capacities for satiating multiple cooling needs.

This 3-star adjustable AC is equipped with turbo cooling and anti-microbial air filtration technology for effective, bacteria-free cooling. Its high-ambient cooling feature keeps you comfortable even at high temperatures.

6. Voltas 185V ADQ 1.5 Ton Inverter AC 5-Star

This split air conditioner is widely acclaimed for offering exceptional performance and cooling all day long. It features R32 refrigerant that ejects a very low amount of CFC gas to produce zero effects on the ozone layer. The AC has a cooling capacity of 5200W, and it runs on 230V on a single phase.

It possesses a high-ambient cooling technology that makes you feel comfortable at high temperatures. Its 1.5-ton capacity makes the AC suitable for medium-sized rooms.

7. Voltas 2-Ton 3-Star Split AC - Fixed Speed SAC 243 Vectra Plus

It’s time to wrap up the list with yet another classic option, Voltas Fixed Speed SAC 243 Vectra Plus Split AC. With a gross volume of 2 tons, this AC is suitable for medium-sized rooms. Its active dehumidifier helps curb mold growth while removing moisture from the air.

This AC unit's instant cooling feature helps you combat scorching heat within seconds.

Summing Up

That’s all about the seven best Voltas Split Air Conditioners in 2023. We hope our list will inspire you to buy the right option. Bring home any of the Voltas Air Conditioners and enjoy cooling all day long.