7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using Microwave

by Manas Mahajan on Apr 19, 2022

How To Use Microwave

A microwave is the best kitchen appliance that you should invest in to save your time and effort. This device assists you in placing a hassle-free meal on your platter by reheating or cooking food from scratch. 

However, after purchasing the best microwave oven, you need to ensure the correct way of using the appliance so that it delivers the best to you in an efficient manner. Learning about those points will also help you not only to make your food healthier but will also assist you in avoiding the glitches that hinder the performance of the IFB Microwave

So, without any further ado, let's get into the points or the mistakes that we should avoid while using a microwave.

1. Avoid using plastic containers

One of the most common mistakes that we make is using plastic containers in the microwave. Commercially used plastic containers are not microwave safe, since that plastic releases harmful toxins and may even meltdown on being heated. 

Thus, it is highly advised to only use microwave-safe containers in the oven, as they tend to properly heat the food. Also, they are made up of a sturdy material that does not melt or leave behind any pungent smell on heating.

2. Clean regularly

Cleaning your IFB microwave regularly is extremely crucial. As, if not done so, this can not only make your food unhygienic but also impact the longevity of the appliance. Food particles stuck on the walls of the microwave may develop a rotten smell. They also produce harmful bacteria that may contaminate the food and may hinder the proper functioning of the microwave. 

Make sure to clean your microwave oven once a week from both inside and outside. For this, you can either use various chemical cleaners available on the market or some effective kitchen products like; lemon, vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid also do the job pretty well.

3. Do not use the microwave as a table

It is often seen that due to less space in the kitchen, people might use the top of the microwave as a tabletop, and might place cookies jars or other kitchen stuff. But this is completely wrong!

It is extremely important to keep the top of the microwave free & decluttered because while operating the microwave emits certain rays and transmissions which are harmful to the objects kept around. 

Also, if the rays emitted are blocked by the objects kept on the top, it will affect your IFB microwave and prevent it from functioning properly.

4. Avoid using only high power to cook food

Another very common mistake that we do is to always use the highest power settings to cook the food. This is because of the wrong notion that food will cook or heat faster due to more heat. 

Honestly speaking, it is completely inappropriate as it will only lead to uneven cooking of food. In the end, you will find one portion of your food to be overcooked and the other raw. So, to prevent this, put on a mid-heat setting, in which the food will be in the microwave for a longer period and will be cooked evenly.

5. Do not stir the food again and again

When you choose the mid-temperature setting in your IFB microwave, you just have to switch the microwave, put the food inside and remember to stir it at regular intervals. Stirring food in between is quite necessary and important, as it results in evenly heating or cooking of food.

While stirring food is important, overdoing it may do more damage than good. It should be remembered that if we open the door of the microwave too frequently, it may harm the food inside while shortening the lifespan of the appliance as well.

6. Microwaving the uncovered food

Always remember to keep your food covered in the microwave. This is important because when you heat the food without covering, it gets heated up it starts to splatter inside the microwave, thus creating a mess. 

This may then result in tough stains & bacterial growth, and might also prevent your IFB microwave to function properly. Thus, you should always place a lid over the food, but do not close it too tightly, so that steam might not build inside.

7. Do not microwave styrofoam packages

Never make the mistake of microwaving styrofoam packages as heating the food in these may harm your health. Heating these materials emits harmful toxins which then mix with your food and reach your body. 

So the next time, whenever you order food from outside, take a moment to transfer it to a glass or microwave-safe container and then heat it for consumption.

Summing up!!

That’s all about the common microwave mistakes we usually commit while using this new-gen appliance. The points mentioned above may seem to be extremely simple but if not followed properly can have an adverse effect on the food present inside your IFB microwave. Thus, you should keep them in mind to ensure the appropriate functioning and to add more years to the life of the microwave.