Which is the best Vu QLED TV: 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, or 85 inches?

by Manas Mahajan on Aug 22, 2022

Which is the best Vu QLED TV: 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, or 85 inches?

While the market is laced with tons of smart TV brands, the name that is creating buzz these days is none other than Vu India. With lifelike resolution, A+ prism panels, AmpiFi speaker, and contemporary looks, this smart and swankyTV has everything to convert your home into a theatre.

In addition to powerful performance and clear sound experience, what else makes VU a brand to reckon with is its bezel-less design. Ready to upgrade your television set but have no idea about where to start? Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best Vu QLED TVs that will deliver the picture and audio performance of your dreams.

What Makes Vu QLED TV Stand Out In the Crowd?

Since Vu TVs are recently added to the smart TVs collection, people are still curious to know about the features that give Vu QLED TV an edge over others. Here’re mentioned elements that make Vu televisions stand out from the crowd.

Modern Aesthetics

Vu TV is widely-appreciated for its premium looks and modern aesthetics. Its metal frame design complements any interior decor while adding appeal to the space.

Powerful Processor

The next best thing about Vu QLED TV that makes it stand out from others is its powerful processor. These TVs are equipped with a quad-core processor to deliver excellent performance. Moreover, these also come with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity so you can easily connect your device to the internet with ease.

Incredible picture and sound quality

Vu Smart TV are designed to offer an immersive sound experience and excellent picture quality to the audience. It comes with Dolby Atmos and Dolby audio processing to offer more sound clarity.


Unlike other TV brands, Vu products are affordably priced so that everyone can easily invest in the same without costing a dime. The Vu QLED TV price in India is way lower than its competitors, thus giving it an edge over others.

A Quick Introduction to Vu QLED TV - 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, & 85-inch

Now that you are covered with the basics of Vu TV, let’s uncover the major features of all Vu QLED 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch TV, so you can make an informed choice. Without further ado, let’s get started-

1. Vu QLED TV 55 inches

With 4K Quantum DOT technology and 40W speakers, this Vu 55-inch TV is a staple for every modern home. The increased Color Depth Perception of this QLED TV gives a real-time experience to the viewers, making them feel that they are in the actual location of their travel. It enhances the details, sharpness, and depth by maximizing the contrast and color accuracy to bring out the true colors and clarity. In addition, this TV is equipped with 4 speakers with 40-Watt output to offer a great sound experience. It also features Dialogue Enhancer Technology to enhance the audio quality while enjoying your favorite content, which further adds to the Vu Masterpiece Glo QLED 55 inch price.

The TV supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Dual-band WiFi to offer excellent connectivity. It has auto-low input lag to automatically switch game mode when it senses the gaming signal from your console. Yet another best thing that makes this TV worth giving a try is the Vu QLED 55 inch price in India. It is counted among the affordable options on the market, so you can get it without breaking the bank.

2. Vu QLED TV 65 inches

Designed with 3HDMI ports to connect the set-top box and 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices, thus Vu QLED TV 65 inch is yet another premium option to invest in. It has a special optical film that controls the amount of light entered through the backlight LEDs, which in turn increases the viewing angle through its wide reflection. This TV provides large-size box speakers that produce amazing bass and treble.

The TV comes with an in-built WiFi and Chromecast and supports Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon prime. It enhances the cinematic experience by offering excellent sound quality and Bezel-less design. Vu QLED TV uses a micro prism array and LED, which enhances the brightness while reducing overall power consumption.

3. Vu QLED TV 75-Inch

With its extraordinary 75” screen and Quantum Dot Technology, this Vu TV takes you into the world of QLED. It features an anti-glare screen and Dolby Vision HDR10 to deliver the best-in-class picture quality.

The TV comes with a high refreshing rate that offers buttery smooth lifelike visuals. It has a new generation 4-core CPU, 16GB storage space, and a powerful GPU to offer a seamless streaming experience for your favorite content.

4. Vu QLED TV 85-inch

Does size matter to you the most? If yes, then invest in the Vu Masterpiece Glo Qled TV 85-inches and enjoy a larger-than-life experience. This masterpiece features the industry-leading quantum DOT technology, which allows for a superlative contrast ratio. The Armani gold aesthetics of this television set oozes out finesse and luxury. Its stylish texture adds charm to your modern home while complementing the contemporary trends of the space.

Another technical specification of this masterpiece that makes it stand out is its 120Hz refresh rate, which ensures seamless and ultra-smooth visuals.

Summing Up

That concludes with Vu TVs. We hope our guide will help you make an informed decision. When it comes to the better option, the choice boils down to what actually appeals to you the most or what fits your requirements well. So, it is suggested to read the specifications thoroughly and make a choice wisely.