Difference Between Samsung A Series and Samsung M Series

by Manas Mahajan on Jun 15, 2023

Difference Between Samsung A Series and Samsung M Series

Samsung has established itself as one of the leading smartphone brands, offering a wide array of budget-friendly and flagship products to cater to users from all walks of life. Although this South-Korean smartphone brand has launched innumerable series until now, its A and M series are gaining all eyes and ears these days.

Both series offer compelling features and are available at pocket-friendly rates. However, there are certain disparities between them that you should be aware of before making up your mind. Which one is ideal for spending your hard-earned cash? Here, we’ll discuss key differences between Samsung A and Samsung M series, and give you an insight into which is better.

A Brief Introduction to Samsung A and Samsung M Series

Comparing Samsung A and M series is like joining two parallel lines. While the Samsung M series is known for its competitive pricing, the A series is a balanced blend of premium features and affordability.

Hence, before we move into the key differences, let’s briefly introduce these two of Samsung’s most renowned smartphone series to get a better idea.

Samsung A Series

Samsung Galaxy A series is known for being simultaneously innovative, dependable, and affordable. It is a line of mid-range smartphones that blends premium features with affordability and the latest technology. The “A” part of the name refers to Alpha, as the first phone in the range was Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

The all-new Samsung Galaxy A series is applauded for having next-level cameras, marathon batteries, and infinity screens. When it comes to selecting the best Samsung A series phone, going for the latest models is always a safe bet.

Samsung M Series

Samsung M Series, on the other hand, is tailored to meet the demands of budget-savvy customers who prioritize value for money. This brand has positioned the M series as an entry-level to the lower mid-range option, thus ensuring affordability while maintaining essential features.

These devices deliver reliable performance, decent battery life, and capable cameras, making them a popular choice for users who require essential smartphone functions. Launched in 2019, the Samsung M series is well known for its segment-leading features, a strategy that was never Samsung’s forte.

Samsung A Vs. Samsung M Series - Key Differences

Although Samsung A and M series vouch for affordability and look compelling at first glance, they differ in numerous aspects and target a separate group of smartphone users. Here, we have outlined the major differences between them, so you can easily find the phone that perfectly matches your desires.

1. Price

It’s undeniable that the Samsung A series has always been costlier than the M series, even though the latter offers excellent features. The A series is the bread-and-butter product line of Samsung’s mobile offerings. It is counted among the top-selling lines of Android smartphones worldwide and strikes a perfect balance between performance, features, and price.

Samsung M series, on the contrary, satiates the requirements of budget-conscious consumers and is not available globally. Also, the highlighting features offered by the M series are limited in number, making it less needed.

2. Security

Samsung A series has a clear edge over Samsung M series smartphones regarding security. The A series is coupled with the Knox security feature that requires a separate hardware component and keeps your data super secure under the hood.

Another security feature in the Samsung A series is its Secure Folder. You can place any sensitive information in this folder and keep unauthorized access at bay. Unfortunately, both these features are unavailable in the Samsung M series, making it less secure.

3. Picture Quality

While both Samsung A and M series feature excellent camera selection, the former still gains a slight edge and captures better photographs. It’s simply because of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature that enables smooth and non-shaky videos in cameras.

Unfortunately, the OIS feature isn’t unavailable in M series smartphones, thus leaving consumers disappointed. In addition, the M series also lacks Video Pro Mode, thus compromising overall video quality.

4. Edge Panel

Another notable difference between Samsung A and Samsung M series is the edge panel. This premium feature is available in the Samsung A series only and provides access to the most preferred applications. Edge Panel also lets you pin your favorite contacts on the home screen for quick access.

The panel also comprises Edge Lighting, which is used for notifications and offers an animated type of notification on your smartphone.

5. Fingerprint Sensor

Both Samsung A and Samsung M series comprise fingerprint sensors; however, their placement makes the whole difference. While the Samsung A series features in-display fingerprint sensors, the M series smartphone provides a fingerprint scanner at the back or inside the power button, making it less appealing and secure than its counterpart.

Which is better?

The biggest difference between this series is the quantity and quality. While the A series pays more attention to product quality, the Samsung M series prioritizes giving out the most highlighted features in a segmented budget.

That’s all about Samsung A Vs. Samsung M series. We hope our guide helps and will save you from committing any buying mistakes.