French Door vs. Side-by-Side: Choosing the Right Samsung Refrigerator Door Style

by Manas Mahajan on Sep 18, 2023

French Door vs. Side-by-Side: Choosing the Right Samsung Refrigerator Door Style

There are endless options to choose from when it comes to kitchen appliances, and this especially rings true for refrigerators. The two main door options have been ruling the market for decades. Yes, we are talking about the traditional freezer-on-top and fridge-on-bottom model and the side-by-side layout. 

But now, a new competition has taken over the market, and that’s none other than the mighty French Door Refrigerator. So, how is it different from the Side-by-Side setup, and which of them is worth shelling out dollars? The guide must captivate your attention if you are trying to find answers. Keep scrolling the page and find the key differences between French Door and Side-by-Side refrigerators. 

What is a French Door Refrigerator?

While we all are aware of the Side-by-Side setup, the French Refrigerator is a new concept in the market, and most people are not well-acquainted with the same. Hence, before we outline the differences, let’s understand this refrigerator type to have a better picture. 

A French Door fridge is exactly opposite to the traditional freezer-on-top and fridge-on-bottom layout. It comes with the refrigeration compartment above and the freezer area below. It’s structured like its namesake, with two side-by-side doors to access the fridge portion and a unique pull-out drawer below. 

It offers plenty of refrigeration storage capacity with its wide, adjusting shelves. Simply put, the French Door refrigerator is a perfect concoction of traditional layout and side-by-side setup, but with a handful of extra features. These details make this model appealing for those looking to acquire some extra fridge space to keep space-consuming items. 

Side-by-Side vs. French Door - How to Choose the Right Option?

It’s the face-off time. Let’s outline the key factors that may help you decide between side-by-side and the French Door refrigerator. Compare the options carefully and pick the one that caters to your family size, storage requirements, and budget. 

  • Consider your space
  • Both side-by-side and French-door fridges are the best picks for narrow kitchens as neither requires you to open a door that runs the full width of the fridge. However, the French Door is slightly more efficient than its counterpart, as it requires you to open one door to get things in and out. 

    So, you can consider any of these options for a spacious kitchen, but you should opt for the Samsung French Door refrigerator for narrower kitchens.

  • Refrigerator Capacity
  • Aside from aesthetics, what really distinguishes these two refrigerator styles is their capacity. For starters, French Door models offer ample room to house bulkier items than their counterparts. While both models measure 25 cubic feet of total storage space, the fridge area of the French Door model is about two cubic feet bigger than the side-by-side model. 

    However, we shouldn’t forget about the flip side of the side-by-side setup that tends to offer more room in the freezer. Also, it offers multiple shelves for easier organization. So, clearly, this round is a draw, as both options offer tons of storage capacity, and the final choice boils down to your requirements. 

  • Don’t forget the Performance
  • It’s no secret that side-by-side fridges faced hard times than any other category in terms of cooling tests, and that’s all because of its layout. The problem is the vertical design, which gives you a fridge compartment that spans the entire fridge height. The cool and dense air sinks to the bottom, making it challenging for the refrigerator to keep things consistent. 

    However, that’s not the case with the French Door models. They perform better than side-by-side, but not as much as you might expect. According to the default settings, temperatures ran warmer throughout the entire right door, and that’s the trouble point for this setup. The average temperature on the top shelf is notably warmer than the rest of the fridge. 

    So, it all comes back to the preference since both models don’t offer up-to-the-mark performance you might expect from these high-end options. 

  • Budget is the key
  • In the end, what exactly makes or breaks your choice is your budget. It’s undeniable that French Door is a recent and stylish addition to the refrigerator market; hence, it is available with a hefty price tag. However, since the side-by-side was already launched years back, it is slightly cheaper than its counterpart, making it ideal for budget-savvy households. 

    For many people, the French Door is more than a fair price to pay for those fridge perks while others are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on the same. So, it depends on how much you want to invest in this kitchen appliance and make a choice accordingly. 

    Which is better?

    Wondering which model is worth purchasing? In short, you must buy the option that suits your daily requirements and fits your pocket. It’s no secret that a side-by-side refrigerator is cost-efficient while the French Door is space-efficient. So, you must evaluate your family size and how much you wish to spend on the refrigerator before finalizing the option.