How do I Know If My AC Needs Replacement?

by Manas Mahajan on Apr 30, 2022

AC Replacement

As the sun is shining high up in the sky and the temperatures start to heat up, it’s high time to switch on our Daikin air conditioner to bear the dwelling heat. AC is the most important home appliance during summers as it effectively regulates the temperatures while helping you stay cooler indoors.

But like every other electrical appliance, the efficiency of your air conditioners might decrease with time. While you cannot make them lifelong companions but can add years to their efficiency by taking care of them.

Keep your system well-maintained at regular intervals to make the most out of your purchase. You should be a little attentive to the functioning of your Voltas air conditioner and call an expert to get it checked regularly before spending your lumpsum money to buy a new one.

Here’s the comprehensive guide to the 7 warning signs indicating that the time to loosen up your cash is quite near.

7 Signs That Indicate Your AC Needs To Be Replaced

Be attentive to how your AC is functioning and it could save you bucks and frustration of bigger problems. Consult with the technician to decide whether repairs will be enough or you need to loosen up your pockets to invest in a new appliance.

Inconsistent airflow

Inconsistent or poor airflow is the primary sign indicating that your appliance is not working efficiently. There are several reasons that lead to this trouble, like Low refrigerant levels, damaged compressor, and many more to count. 

Hence, without waiting further, call an expert to look for these problems. Additionally ask him to inspect valves, condensation drains & coils to pinpoint the root cause of the poor airflow. 

Strange noises and smell

If your air conditioning unit is fine then it should operate silently without making any noise or emitting any foul smells. On the contrary, if you hear any kind of unusual sounds or inhale any bad smells, then it's time to act upon it, as this indicates that your Daikin air conditioner needs some repairs or replacement. 

The main reason for noise may be the dirt or debris that affects the internal mechanism while clogging the components. Foul smells are also a result of molded duct pipes or damaged insulation. So, if you face any of such instances, call a technician and get your air conditioning unit checked. 

Leaking of the unit or producing excess moisture

Water flowing from the outside pipe of the unit is normal as it the part of the process. But dripping of water from its internal unit is a matter of concern. In such a case, you should immediately call in a technician and take its expert advice. 

If the problem is not much big and can be fixed, then it's good on your part. But if the situation gets out of control, then be ready to invest in a new Voltas air conditioner.

Diminished airflow

Whenever you switch on your appliance and find little or no cool air coming out of the vents, it means your AC unit is facing trouble that needs to be repaired immediately. You should then seek expert advice and get the air filters checked.

If your appliance is not working at an optimum level even after replacing the filters, then it's time to replace your air conditioning unit.

A dramatic increase in electricity bills

Have you seen a major spike in your electricity bill recently? Well, if yes, then your normally functioning air conditioner might be the culprit behind this. Without any further delay, connect with a technician to get the unit checked for the same cause.

There are several reasons leading to overworking of your appliance. To avoid such a situation you can get the vents cleaned, air filters changed, clean the knots & lumps in the condensing coil if any, and see if it can make a difference.

Too many repairs are required too frequently

Has your air conditioner become old and is demanding frequent repairs and parts replacements? Well, in that case, it’s high time to replace your age-old AC with a whole new Daikin air conditioner

Ideally, a unit may need service once a year, but extra service, repairs, part replacements, or other issues that arise too frequently, are a signal that it's time for you to buy the new unit as a whole. 

The problem of short cycling

Most of the Voltas air conditioner units tend to automatically go on and off to maintain the temperature throughout your home. However, if your air conditioning unit is switching off too frequently and faces difficulty in getting started again, it is a sign of malfunction. It puts a lot of stress on your appliance and may tend to fail its functioning completely.

In such a case, you can either call in a technician and try to get the problem fixed or buy a new air conditioner for your house.

What is an average lifespan of an Air Conditioner?

You can expect your AC to last for 15 to 20 years, if used appropriately. However, you need a good AC maintenance routine to keep your appliance working. The average lifespan of AC depends on several factors, including SEER Rating, R-22 Usage, and overall efficiency.

That was all about the certain points indicating that your AC unit demands repairs or replacement. If you want to be comfortable during the hot and humid months, then get your Daikin air conditioner checked once before the summer season hits hard.