How to take care of Washing Machines?

by Manas Mahajan on Apr 26, 2022

How to take care of Washing Machines?

A washing machine is a common household appliance that assists us in washing our clothes. The job of this electronic item is to ensure that the clothes come out fresh and clean after every wash. 

If you belong to a normal middle-class family and have spent a lump sum amount of money to buy either an IFB front load washing machine or a Bosch washing machine top load. Then you should be mindful of certain do's and don'ts that assist in the proper functioning of the appliance. 

Hence, given below is an ultimate guide with some super easy and handy tips that will not only help you do your laundry in a better way but also will assist you in increasing the efficiency and lifetime of your washing machine. 

Without any further delay, let’s jump to the efficient laundry tricks and use this appliance like a pro. 

What to do to increase life of washing machine.

  • Do separate coloured clothes 
  • Before washing clothes, segregate them into different piles of light, delicate, white, and dark clothes. While hor water will be appropriate to wash light and white colored clothes made of fabric such as nylon, polyester, and linen, cold water is preferred for silk, wool, cashmere, denim, rayon, and viscose. It is advised to wash each slot separately to prolong their shine and life. 

  • Pre-treat stained clothes
  • Stains are always messy, and may also tend to spoil your favorite shirt or dress. Thus, it is recommended to pre-treat stained clothes and only then add them to the washing machine with other laundry articles. 

    Given below are some tips that you can use to remove certain types of stains from your clothes before popping them into the IFB front load washing machine. 

    • For removing grass stains use vinegar, for coffee & grease stains use soda.
    • You can use lemon juice to wash off tough sweat marks. 
    • Use white chalk for oil stains.
    • For make-up marks, you can use shaving cream.
    • For ink marks, you can use milk. 

  • Do check the labels on the garments
  • Before adding your clothes to the tub, always check on the washing labels printed by the brand on either side of your garment. Go through those instructions carefully, set the temperature of the water, and wash cycle accordingly. 

  • Pour detergent in the right place
  • In your Bosch front load washing machine, you can use different products for washing, including liquid detergent, washing powders, washing tablets, or laundry capsules. For using the liquid detergent, you have to measure the liquid in the cup and directly pour it over your clothes after tossing them in the tub.

     If you are using powder detergent, add the same in its given compartment in the washing machine. For using washing tablets or capsules, just pop them in the detergent compartment, after adding the clothes. 

  • Do clean your appliance at the regular intervals 
  • You should make it a point to clean your washing machines monthly, as if not done so, the efficiency of your appliance will be decreased. To clean your IFB washing machine top load, keep the settings to the hot cycles and add a cup of white vinegar. This concoction is extremely effective in removing smells from the washing machine and sanitizing the drum. 

    What not to do on automatic Washing Machine.

    • Do not overload your machine

    If you fill in your washing machine with too much of an excessive load, the drum will not be able to move properly. It will further affect its performance and efficiency. 


    • Do not leave anything in your pockets

    Thoroughly check the pockets of shirts, jeans, and trousers, and remove anything if there before tossing off the clothes in your IFB front load washing machine

    • Do not use too much detergent

    Using an excessive amount of detergent can result in a residue on your clothing and hence it will not give you cleaner clothes. Always read the instructions before using a liquid, detergent powder, or laundry capsules. 

    • Do not leave wet clothes in the machine for too long

    Leaving wet clothes in the dryer tub for too long can result in the building up of mold in the inner edges of your washing machine drum and even on your clothes. So remember to remove the clothes from the dryer as soon as the spin cycle gets completed. 

    • Do not try to fix faults yourself, call a professional rather

    If you are facing any problems in operating your Bosch washing machine top load, then do not try to fix water leaks or tackle any problem all by yourself. Rather, a little help from the experts can help you in solving the same. 

    Summing Up!!

    That's all about the certain essential points of dos and don'ts that you should necessarily follow for having the best laundry time. We hope that the guide would help in doing hassle-free laundry in your washing machine.

    Follow the tips listed above and keep your clothes clean & fresh. So what are you waiting for you now? Bookmark the guide right away and enjoy a better washing experience in your IFB washing machine top load while increasing the efficiency of the machine. Happy Washing !!