IFB washing machine vs Samsung washing machine: What to choose?

by Manas Mahajan on Oct 14, 2022

IFB washing machine vs Samsung washing machine: What to choose?

Both IFB and Samsung washing machines are widely applauded among customers for their best-in-class efficiency, premium build, and plenty of other features. But which of them is an ideal choice for a household - is the major question that bothers most homeowners when making a choice between these two.

To make your search a lit bit easier, we have drawn a detailed comparison between IFB and Samsung, in terms of their build quality, after-sales service, and price. Read the guide thoroughly and make an informed choice.

A Brief Introduction to IFB and Samsung Washing Machine

Before we start comparing these two leading washing brands, let’s first introduce them individually to get a basic understanding. Keep scrolling the page and let’s know the brand deeper.

IFB Washing Machines 

Founded in 1974, IFB is one of the leading brands, known for offering household appliances at affordable prices. Since IFB is an Indian company, it designs all its products by keeping Indian customers’ requirements and preferences in mind.

This Indian brand is giving stiff competition to all its international competitors and has been surviving in the market for quite a long while. It uses innovation and technology to cater to all your washing needs.

With IFB’s in-built heater and powerful Aqua Energy technology, you are assured to get a quality wash. It offers various wash temperatures to choose from, thus giving your better control over your laundry needs.

Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung - A famous South Korean brand that needs no special introduction. Headquartered in Seol and founded in 1938, Samsung is not only famous in the Indian market but around the world. In terms of brand value, Samsung is ranked 18th in the world.

Once used to be famous for offering high-end mobile devices, Samsung has slowly moved to electrical appliances and is now giving neck-to-neck competition to all other brands. What makes this international brand worth the splurge is its after-sale service, which is second to none.

Samsung is a customer-oriented brand, giving them a top-notch priority. It always pushes its boundaries to give its clients the utmost satisfaction and happiness.

IFB Vs Samsung Washing Machine: 3 Major Key Differences to Know

The debate of IFB vs Samsung washing machines is one that has been going on for some time now. While both brands offer great products, there are some key differences that you should take into account when making your decision. Here's a look at the key points to consider

1. Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, both Samsung and IFB produce good-quality machines. However, there are certain differences you should be aware of before making a choice. While both brands use high-quality materials and produce classic designs, Samsung has a reputation for utilizing slightly better-quality components, which in turn gives this brand an edge over others.

As far as the assembly is concerned, both brands do a good job. However, Samsung has stricter quality control measures in place, so their washing machines tend to have fewer manufacturing defects as compared to the IFB.

2. Technologies Used

In recent years, both IFB and Samsung have released washing machines with advanced features and technologies. So, which brand should you choose? To help you make a decision, we've compared the two brands' latest models in terms of their features and technologies.

Samsung's latest washing machines come with features like Eco bubble™ technology, which uses air and bubbles to penetrate deep into fabrics and remove dirt effectively. The company's Quick Drive™ technology reduces washing time by up to 50%. Its innovative flex wash 2-in-1 program lets you wash two loads at the same time. Most Samsung Machines come with a Steam Wash program that creates steam to hygienically clean laundry.

IFB's latest models come with features like Aqua Energie, which softens hard water so that it can be used more effectively. The company's AutoImpeller feature automatically adjusts the impeller speed according to the load size and type of fabric.

So, all in all, Samsung Machines are way ahead in terms of the technologies used; hence, bring convenience and comfort to all your washing requirements.


3. After-Sale Service

A good sales service is the most important factor that should be kept into account while making a purchase.

As far as After-Sale service is concerned, both IFB and Samsung offer free home delivery and installation services. Moreover, both of them have good customer support and their service centers are easily available.

However, Samsung has a slighter edge over IFB as it gives better service even in remote areas whereas IFB doesn’t. In addition, Samsung also provides an extra warranty on its parts and labor, so you can rest assured.

4. Price

When it comes to price, Samsung is a clear winner. IFB vs Samsung washing machine are significantly more expensive than their Samsung counterparts. If you’re looking for an affordable washing machine, then Samsung is the way to go. However, if you’re willing to splurge a bit more to enjoy some extra features, then IFB is the better option.

Summing Up

That concludes with the IFB Washing Machine Vs Samsung Washing Machine. Both brands are worth adding to your laundry collection; hence, the final choice boils down to your preference. Make sure to pick the option that suits your washing criteria without putting a hole in your pocket.