Make Your Summer Icy Cool With Air Coolers

by Manas Mahajan on May 30, 2023

Make Your Summer Icy Cool With Air Coolers

Melting down in the scorching heat? Turn to Air Coolers and give yourself a break from whopping temperatures and humidity. Over the years, air coolers have significantly improved and become much more durable and aesthetic. It is a great way to beat the heat while lowering energy costs.

Moreover, air coolers are an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to air conditioners. They use evaporating technology to draw hot air from the surrounding environment, cool it down using water, and circulate it in the room. Beat the heat with these top-rated air coolers and enjoy powerful airflow, low electricity bills, and quiet operation.

Tips to Maintain Your Air Cooler

Here are quick ways to make your air cooler more effective and durable so you don’t have to invest in a new air cooler every year.

  • Proper Maintenance

Taking good care of your air cooler is the easiest and most effective way to keep the appliance safe for years. While it’s simple to maintain air coolers when they are in continuous use, giving them proper care when not in use is also mandatory, so it could go a long way.

Schedule regular maintenance for your cooler, and do not miss out on any of the service appointments. Clean the appliance from the inside and out and keep it dry when not in use to avoid rusting.

  • Clean the Pump Regularly

It’s no wonder that the pump is the heart and soul of the air cooler; hence, ensuring it functions properly is mandatory. Get rid of any debris or dirt it may have caught. The hard water contains dirt and grime that eventually jams the pump and affects its overall functionality. Hence, clean it regularly and keep the pump running smoothly.

  • Drain the water tank when not in use

Air coolers are based on water tanks that need to be filled and drained regularly for them to work. Therefore, it is suggested to drain the water tank when not in use to protect the appliance from rust. Invest in some extra bucks and opt for air coolers with auto-drain and auto-fill functions to prevent any further damage.

The 5 Best Air Coolers to Buy this Summer

Browse the 5 best air coolers below and make your summer icy cool without breaking the bank. These top-notch options are thoughtfully designed to offer maximum cooling while using minimal energy.

1. Orient Electric Titan Desert Cooler

Orient Electric Titan 75 CD7501H Desert Air Cooler offers powerful air delivery with 5000 cubic meters per hour and the longest airflow with an 18” metal blade and 3-speed motor. It creates a perfect atmosphere by providing quick, consistent cooling.

The Honeycomb Cooling Pads give you more cooling and water retention owing to the less gap between the cooling flutes. Its 4-way cooling with motorized louvers lets you direct the air where you want. The Orient Electric Titan also features a separate compartment that allows you to add ice for instant extra cooling.

2. Voltas Desert Cooler Epicool 70

With a 70-liter water tank capacity, Voltas Desert Cooler Epicool is an ideal choice for a medium to large-sized room. It offers a wide-angle throw that ensures an even distribution of cool air across the room. It has a 100-liter water tank capacity to ensure long hours of cooling.

The air cooler consumes less energy; thus, you don’t have to worry about hefty electricity bills. It has a speed control feature, so you can easily adjust the speed according to the weather outside. The castor wheels of this air cooler ensure easy portability.

3. Bajaj DC 2050 DLX Desert Air Cooler

This Desert Air Cooler by Bajaj is specially designed with a Hexagonal design and is equipped with Hexagonal technology to deliver maximum cooling with minimum water consumption. It has Turbo Fan technology for efficient air circulation. The Ice Chamber in this appliance lets you store ice cubes for an improved cooling experience.

It has a powerful air throw feature to circulate air throughout the room. Its 3-side cooler master ensures maximum cooling and high water tank capacity for all climates and coastal regions.

4. Orient Electric Tornado 52 Air Cooler

Orient is one of the leading brands for manufacturing air coolers that offer remarkable, effective cooling. With air throw of up to 60 feet, this appliance is suitable for a room size of up to 350 square feet.

Orient Electric Tornado Desert Air Cooler is an economical option for cooling your home with just 190W power usage. It is compatible with inverters, so you don’t have to worry about long power cuts. The cooler comes pre-equipped with castor wheels that make moving from one room to another easy. What’s more? It has a water level indicator that lets you keep an eye on the water level.

5. Voltas Grand 52 Air Desert Cooler

Last but not least is the Voltas Grand 52 Air Desert Cooler. Its sleek and compact design blends with any decor, making the appliance look aesthetically compelling. Its Eco Cool Mode runs the pump slowly, thus mitigating the pressure and keeping things eco-friendly.

The best thing about Voltas Grand Air Desert Cooler is its remote control function, allowing you to adjust the swing or speed without leaving the couch. Its large fan size ensures maximum and consistent cooling across the room.

Summing Up

The best air cooler is the one that keeps you feeling refreshed and beating the heat without costing a dime. These options have a powerful airflow and can quickly chill the space in the shortest possible time. Shop now and enjoy a cooler summer.