Stay Hygenic With These Amazing Appliances From Mahajan Electronics

by Manas Mahajan on Aug 08, 2022

Stay Hygenic With These Amazing Appliances From Mahajan Electronics

Keeping your home clean and healthy is important, but it can be a real challenge to get everything done on your own. That's where modern home appliances come into the frame. They make cleaning up a lot less of a chore and keep unwanted germs and bacteria at bay.

While maintaining hygiene in your home is easy with these modern appliances, choosing the best one is still a time-consuming task. The market is stuffed with numerous brands and options, turning an easy-peasy choice into a grueling task.

But you should not worry about it as our experts have done the job for you. Read on to learn about these amazing appliances from Mahajan Electronics, and why you might want to consider investing in one for your home.

6 Must-Have Appliances To Stay Healthy and Hygienic

When it comes to deep down cleansing and purifying, not all appliances are up to the job. Hence, it is mandatory to invest in the appropriate options that live up to their hype and do the job as directed. To make your choice easy and hassle-free, our experts have compared plenty of products available on the market and come up with the 6 must-have appliances from Mahajan Electronics that are specifically designed to help you stay hygienic. Let’s have a look.

1. KENT Ozono Vegetable and Fruit Purifier

Rinsing fruits and vegetables with tap water isn’t enough to remove all harmful chemicals present on their surface. That’s where Kent Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Purifier plays its part. This appliance uses its powerful Ozone technology to remove all traces of chemicals, thus making them healthy to consume. It is a counter-top cleaner that doesn’t need any consumables to operate, thereby easy to operate and maintain.

Kent Ozone purifier uses oxygen present in the environment to remove the chemicals and pesticides presents in fruits and vegetables while maintaining the freshness of food items. Its compact and sleek design makes this appliance a staple for every modern kitchen.

2. Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry Vaccum Cleaner

You don’t necessarily require lots of disinfectants to clean a surface as Vaccum Cleaners can do this job perfectly. Invest in the Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry Vaccum Cleaner available at Mahajan Electronics and say goodbye to unwanted bacteria and germs.

Equipped with a powerful suction and blower function, this appliance can remove the traces of the toughest dirt and dreaded allergy-causing dust mites without putting much effort.

The list of other features that make this vacuum cleaner worth spending on includes 360-degree swivel wheels, 8 meters long cord, an auto-cord winder, etc.

3. Bosch Fully Automatic Condenser Tumble Dryer

Looking forward to speeding up the clothes drying process? Shop for the Bosch Condenser Tumble Dryer and ensures 100% hygiene protection. This new-age home appliance comes with Auto-Dry technology that dries the laundry gently up to the degree of dryness you want.Don’t worry about the wrinkles as this tumble dryer is equipped with SenstiveDrying Program that carries out the process without tangling the clothes with each other. What makes this appliance the most hygienic option for households is its AllergyPlus feature. It keeps invisible germs and microorganisms at the bay and gently satisfied the need of allergy sufferers.

4. Aquaguard Superb RO+UV+MTDS+SS Water Purifier

Whether you're living in an area with questionable water quality or just want to be extra careful about the things you put into your body, a water purifier can help make your life easier and healthier. While there are plenty of options out there, we will root for the Aquaguard Superb water purifier for many good reasons. This appliance uses advanced technologies to carry out optimum water purification while retaining all natural essential minerals.

Moreover, its great aesthetics complement the kitchen, making it a great option to invest in.

5. Voltas Air Purifier

Yet another option that you should consider to make your space germ-free and hygienic is none other than an air purifier. This appliance not just cleanses your home of harmful toxins but also improvises the overall air quality. Crafted with activated carbon filters, Voltas Air Purifier removes allergies and pollutants and keeps your space free from bad odor and dust. It offers three fan speed options, including Low, Mid, and High, and you can easily adjust the airflow depending on your environmental conditions. Additionally, this air purifier has up to 8 hours of timer function and filter change indicator. It also comes with a dust sensor and air quality indicator.

6. Bosch Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Let’s wrap up the list with yet another must-have appliance, Bosch Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator. With a 655L capacity, it is mainly suitable for medium and large families. What makes this refrigerator a hygienic addition to your home is its VitaFresh Plus Advanced Technology. Unlike other options available on the market, it effectively maintains the original texture, appearance, and flavor of vegetables and fruits. It's Zero Degree Temperature Zone enables faster cooling and keeps fish and meat fresh up to two times longer. Moreover, it is designed in a way that all parts can be easily removed to ensure that your refrigerator not only looks clean but is hygienically clean and safe.

Summing Up

Take a load off with these 6 best home appliances from Mahajan Electronics and remove invisible, allergy-causing bacterias, germs, and bad odor while keeping your family safe and healthy.