What are the Best Refiregerators that Offers Maximum Space?

by Manas Mahajan on Jun 02, 2022

What are the Best Refiregerators that Offers Maximum Space?

When the family increases in numbers, the demand for necessities also rises. Excess demand leads to extra storage; that’s where refrigerators come into the picture. If you are looking for a new refrigerator with maximum space for your kitchen, you are surely at the right place.

Refrigerators are a one-time investment, so it is vital that you should find the right one when making this big purchase. After all, choosing the right fit for your kitchen and providing enough space is not something you can do on a whim.

Finding out the right refrigerator that offers maximum space is a big deal. So, be quick and conduct research before picking out a fridge for your newly renovated kitchen. Determine the right type and size, know the features it entails, and buy one that syncs well with your requirements and budget.

To save your time, we’ve pulled together the best refrigerator options you can opt for. Take a look and make an informed choice.

A Guide to Different Refrigerator Types and Sizes

Purchasing refrigerators is a major deal, as bought once, they last for years. So, having the right type in the right size is essential. Here are some of the best ones that make your investment worthwhile.

Top Freezer

One of the most common types of refrigerators, Top Freezers are compact fridges with wide shelves. The main compartment covers two-thirds of the space at the bottom; meanwhile, the freezer takes one-third of the space at the top.

The average top freezer size:

  • Width- 28 ¾ to 32 ¾ inches
  • Height- 61 ¾ to 66 ¼ inches

Bottom Freezer

If you invert the top freezer design, that’s what a bottom freezer looks like. So, it makes up two-thirds of the compartment space at the top, and the freezer covers one-third space at the bottom. These are also energy efficient.

The average size:

  • Width- 29 ½ to 32 ¾ inches
  • Height- 67 to 77¼ inches


Side-by-side fridges have the main compartment and freezer on each other's side. The upper shelves are on the top of both, making it easier to store the daily-use items.

The average size:

  • Width- 32 ¾ inches to 39 ¾ inches
  • Height- 65 ⅞ inches to 77 ¼ inches

French Door

When you combine the types of fridges above, that’s what makes up a French door refrigerator. It comes with a wide bottom freezer and the main compartment with side-by-side doors. However, French door refrigerators are a bit narrower than side-by-side ones.

The average size:

  • Width- 29 ½ inches to 36 inches
  • Height- 68 ½ inches to 70 ⅛ inches

Top 4 Refrigerators With Maximum Capacity

Now that you are aware of the types of fridges available on the market, it’s time for you to know the best options worth adding to your home essentials.

1. Samsung RF87A9770SG 865 liters 4-Door Side-by-Side refrigerator

This 865 liter Samsung refrigerator comes with digital inverter technology, and it has side-by-side four doors. With total dimensions of 972 x 1995 x 776 mm, it has a 12-month warranty with some excellent features. It is best suited for a family of 6 to 10.


  • Dual Auto Ice Maker with Smart View
  • Plumbing Water Dispenser
  • Cool Select Technology
  • R600a Environment-Friendly Refrigerant
  • Embedded WIFI

2. VoltasBeko RBM743IF 695 Litre Bottom Mounted Refrigerator

Voltas StoreFresh+ technology is not a secret to anyone. If you purchase the VoltasBeko RBM743IF 695 Litre Bottom Mounted Refrigerator, you will never see your fruits and vegetables drying up for at least 30 days. The specially designed crisper regulates inside humidity to make them last longer. In short, it is quite a pleasure to invest in.


  • Neo Frost Dual Cooling
  • Inverter Compressor with ProSnart Technology
  • Active Fresh Blue Light
  • Reversible Door and Fresh Guard
  • 2-year comprehensive warranty
  • 12-year warranty on Compressor

3. Samsung RS74R5101SL Side by Side 676l Referigerator

Samsung 676 liters refrigerator has a seamless, sleek design and is equipped with SpaceMax Technology. The spacious interior with thinner walls has highly efficient insulation. It comes with a digital inverter that helps save energy. With this, you get all-time fresh food and enjoy excellent benefits.


  • Water dispenser with deodorizing filter
  • 4.5-liter tank for water storage
  • 12 months warranty on product and 10 years warranty on Compressor
  • All-around cooling options

4. Bosch KAN92VS30I 658 Liter Referigerator with Inverter

This 658 liter Bosch refrigerator comes with side-by-side doors with four shelves. You can have easy shelf access that helps you add or remove items in a flash. It assures that the temperature is equally distributed on all shelves, thus eliminating the possibility of condensation. You can save energy and have a noise-free home with the addition of this fridge to your collection.


  • Multi Airflow System for even distribution of air
  • The LED light keeps all the items in the Spotlight
  • Two Convenient and Energy-saving separate cooling circuits
  • SuperCooling feature to protect chilled food
  • A FreshSense sensor for perfect storage climate.

Summing Up!!

So, our guide to the best refrigerators with maximum space ends here. All these products mentioned above are energy-efficient and packed with tons of special features, so whichever you choose, ensure that it fits your requirements well.