Which is a Better Soundbar? Sony HT-S20R vs Sony HT-S350

by Manas Mahajan on Oct 08, 2022

Which is a Better Soundbar? Sony HT-S20R vs Sony HT-S350

There’s no surprise that having a thin TV means less space for speakers and the audio tends to suffer the thinner you get. That’s where sound bars come into the role. These new-age audio equipment have become an integral part of home entertainment setups and let you enjoy the content in the want it was intended to be.

But choosing a sound bar that fits your requirements and budget isn’t as simple as it may seem. The market is loaded with tons of options that further turn a simple choice into a strenuous task. To cut through the clutter, our experts have drawn a detailed comparison guide between two much-hyped sound bars, Sony HT-S20R and Sony HT-S350. Scroll through the guide and pick the best option to upgrade your audio game.

A Complete Introduction to Sony HT-S20R and Sony HT-S350

Before we underline the differences between Sony HT-S20 R and Sony-S350, let’s formally introduce these sound bars individually to get a clear idea.

Sony HT-S350

With 320W total power output, Sony HT-S350 brings every song, show, and movie to life while adding the volume and clarity they deserve. It offers a true experience of 2.1ch front surround sound by offering a clear mid and high range of audio levels. This sound bar comes with a wireless subwoofer that fills in the rumbling lows.

It is engineered with Virtual Surround Sound Technology that puts you right at the heart of the content you love by delivering cinema-like surround sound without requiring additional rear speakers.

The powerful subwoofer of the Sony HT-S20R comes with a large 16cm speaker unit and 28-liter volume to offer a richer, bass sound. The best thing about this sound bar is its aesthetic design.

It is wall-mounted and features contours that perfectly complement your TV design. This sound bar is simple and quick to connect, so you don’t have to put in much hassle to enjoy a deep audio experience.

Sony HT-S20R

Want to experience real 5.1ch surround sound? Add Sony HT-S20R to your collection and put yourself at the heart of the action. With a massive 400W output and Dolby Digital technology, this sound bar creates an authentic audio experience so you don’t just watch movies, but live and breathe them.

It features rear speakers and an external subwoofer that work together and deliver cinematic-style sound. Moreover, this sound bar allows you to choose the perfect settings that are right for whatever you’re watching or listening to, ranging from Auto, Standard, and Cinema to Music, Night, and Voice.

In addition to the dynamic movie experience, Sony HT-S20R can also play the music you love. Use the USB port to plug and play from a USB memory stick. This sound bar is almost ready to operate straight out of the box. It sets up in seconds without having to get stuck into messy wires and a long installation process. The HDMI ARC present in the sound bar lets you connect the system to all compatible TVs, thus reducing the cable clutter. You can enjoy connecting your TV using analog and optical input.

Sony HT-S20R Vs Sony HT-S350: The 4 Major Key Differences to Know

So now that you have learned about the basics of Sony HT-S20R and Sony HT-S350, it’s time to enlist some of the major differences that might impact your final choice. Hence, it is advised to read them thoroughly and make the rightmost decision.

1. Total Power Output

Undoubtedly, the overall audio quality delivered by soundbars depends on their total power output. Speaking of Sony HT-S20R, it delivers 400W total output, which is way more than its counterpart Sony HT-S350 which offers 320W power output.

While Sony HT-S350 is a great entry-level soundbar, ideal for people living in small apartments, Sony HT-S20R offers a true cinematic experience without stepping out of your comfort zone.

2. Amplifier Channels

The second difference between these soundbars lies in their amplifier channels. Sony HT350 offers 2.1ch surround sound while Sony HT-S20R, on the other hand, delivers real and dynamic 5.1 channels of real surround sound to produce a powerful audio experience.

3. Sound Modes and Effects

Since Sony HT-S350 is an entry-level soundbar, it offers basic functions and a casual audio experience for novices who want to enjoy the rich sound without annoying neighbors. On the contrary, Sony HT-S20R features plenty of sound modes and effects to deliver a high-end, deeper bass sound. These modes and effects include Auto Sound, Cinema Mode, Music, Standard, Night Mode, and Voice Mode.

4. Wall-Mountable

Another difference between these sound bars comes in the form of their aesthetics. While Sony HT-S350 comes wall-mountable, HT-S20R lacks this feature and comes as a standing unit. However, both of them look elegant and understated and feature an additional subwoofer unit to offer a powerful experience.

Summing Up

So, that’s all about Sony HT-S20R and Sony HT-S350. We hope this guide will help you make an appropriate choice. Add them to your home collection right away and enjoy a great, theater-like audio experience without breaking the bank.