Bosch WNA14408IN 9 kg/6 kg Inverter Washer Dryer ( Inbuilt Heater )(Silver) 2021
Bosch WNA14408IN 9 kg/6 kg Inverter Washer Dryer
Bosch WNA14408IN
Bosch WNA14408IN 9 kg/6 kg Inverter Washer Dryer ( Inbuilt Heater )(Silver) 2021
Bosch WNA14408IN 9 kg/6 kg Inverter Washer Dryer ( Inbuilt Heater )(Silver) 2021

Bosch Washing Machine WNA14408IN 9 kg/6 kg Inverter Washer Dryer Silver

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Product description

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  • 9/6 Kg | 1400
  • Special features: Large LED display for programme status indication, temperature selection, maximum spin speed, remaining time, 24 hours end time delay and load recommendation, Special Programmes: Mixture, rapid 15 minutes, cold, standard cold of 40 degree Celsius and drying option for special programmes washing, Dutronic moisture sensor, wash and dry programme 60 minutes and eco perfect
Product Description

Active Water Plus

This Bosch fully automatic washing machine comes with an innovative feature called the ActiveWater Plus. This advanced technology makes use of the multiple sensors embedded in the system, senses the laundry weight as well as the fabric and then automatically adjust the water level to give an optimal wash. This feature helps in conserving water and unnecessary wastage.

Stable and Planted

This washing machine comes with an AntiVibration design that helps reduce vibrations when the wash cycle is in progress and also offers greater stability.

Silent Worker

This Bosch fully automatic washing machine comes equipped with a brushless motor that helps reduce friction and gives you a seamlessly quiet washing experience.

Effectively Efficient

This washing machine is highly efficient and reduces wash time by 65%. Make time for the things you love.

DuoTronic Technology

This advanced washing machine detects the moisture and regulates the heat within the drum and immediately stops the drying process as soon as your clothes are perfectly dry. This ensures your clothes remain safe and damage-free.

Wash and Dry

This really simple and efficient feature once selected on after loading your laundry in this Bosch fully automatic washing machine needs no intervention from your end. You can continue doing your daily chores while your washing machine gives you clean, dry and ready-to-wear clothes.

Low Water Pressure

The Bosch fully automatic washing machine works equally well even when the water pressure drops to a low of 0.3 bar making it ideal for places where the water pressure is an issue.

Reload Function

Forgotten to add your favourite shirt for the ongoing wash cycle? Worry not, this washing machine lets you add the additional laundry by pausing the ongoing wash cycle. Waiting for a wash cycle to complete to add the forgotten piece of garment is a thing of the past.

Child Lock

Bosch is known to make safe appliances. This washing machine is designed to be safe and comes with a child lock feature that enables you to lock all the keys so that little naughty hands do not change the setting of an ongoing wash cycle.

Waterproof Touch Panel

This advanced washing machine comes with a waterproof touch panel which can be operated even with wet or soiled hands.

Drum Size

This washing machine comes with a reasonably large-sized drum so that your laundry gets better movement which in turn translates to better washing results.

AllergyPlus programme: specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers.

Anti-Vibration Side Panels reduce vibrations and ensure greater stability during the washing and spinning process.

HygieneCare: washing program with dry high temperature pre-treatment for hygienic fabric care

  • Capacity: washing 9 kg and drying 6 kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Dimensions (H X W X D): 84.8 x 59.8 x 59 cm
  • Drum volume: 56 l
  • 32 cm porthole, silver-black grey door with 180° opening

Home Connect

Built-in / Free-standing Freestanding
Door hinge left
Door opening Handle
Drum material Stainless steel
Installation type Freestanding
Loading type Front
Removable top

Capacity cotton (Kg) drying 6.0 kg
Capacity cotton (Kg) washing 9.0 kg
Dimensions of the product (mm) 848 x 598 x 590 mm
Drum volume (l) 56 l
Net weight (kg) 81.931 kg
Cold wash option
Water plus

Total annual energy consumption (Washing only 200 full loads) (kWh) 166.0 kWh
Total annual energy consumption (Washing and drying 200 full loads) (kWh) 1,088.0 kWh
Energy efficiency class A
Energy consumption (wash only) (kWh) 0.83 kWh
Energy consumption (wash and dry of full wash load) (kWh) 5.44 kWh
Washing performance class A
Total annual water consumption (Washing only 200 full loads) (l) 14,200 l
Total annual water consumption (Washing and drying 200 full loads) (l) 23,600 l


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