Daikin Air Purifier Streamer MC40XVM6 Covers 350 Sq. Feet Technology

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Daikin Air Purifier Streamer MC40XVM6 Covers 350 Sq. Feet Technology

Rs. 17,799.00 Rs. 29,990.00
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Model Number : MC40XVM6 

Area Coverage :  Covers 350 Sq. Feet Technology


Dust (PM2.5/dust) and Odour Sensor Lamps-“Triple detection” is performed by a dust sensor (which distinguishes small particles, such as PM2.5 and larger particles of dust, and reacts accordingly) and an odour sensor.

Sleep Mode- Operation automatically switches only between “Quiet” and “Low” modes in accordance with how polluted the air is. This is recommended for times such as when sleeping.

Auto Fan Mode-The air purifier is run, without wasteful operation, only in accordance with the level of pollutants in the air, which is detected by the sensor.

Child Proof Lock-This can be used to prevent small children from mishandling the air purifier.

Brightness Adjustment-The brightness of the indicator panel lamp can be adjusted.

Auto-Restart after Power Failure-The air purifier memorises the settings for mode, airflow, etc., and automatically returns to them when power is restored after a power failure.

Stabilizer-Free-Stabilizer-free operation protects the vital components of machine from power fluctuations. With this function installing stabilizer becomes needless (voltage range protection: 180~264V). If power fluctuation is beyond the limit mentioned then a stabilizer is required.

Econo Mode-Operation automatically switches only between “Quiet” and “Low” modes in accordance with the degree of polluted air.

Deodorising filter-Odours are caught on the deodorising filter. Models excluding MC30 model utilize streamer to decompose these odours and adjuvants on the filter.

Anti-Pollen Mode-Switching between “standard” and “low” modes to create a gentle turbulence, pollen is caught before it lands on the floor.

Dust (PM2.5/dust) Sensor Lamps-A dust sensor detects house dust and PM2.5 ultrafine particles approx. 2.5μm and smaller, and the lamps indicate air quality.

Dust and Odour Sensor Lamps-Dust and odours are detected and shown in 3 easy-to-understand colours to indicate the level.

Streamer Discharge-This function quickly decomposes odours and allergens, etc., with high speed electrons that have a powerful ability to oxidize.

Active Plasma Ion-The active plasma ion technology decomposes odours and allergens in the air by plasma ions with strong oxidizing power.

Electrostatic HEPA Filter-There is a high-performance filter that catches 99.97% of 0.3μm fine particles.

  • STREAMER TECHNOLOGY can inactivate different type of viruses (14 kinds), Bacteria (11 kinds), pollen (16 kinds), Molds, Allergens & hazardous gases. Recently, the technology has been tested and found effective on latest deadly virus and such tests have been executed by reputed institutes in different countries.
  • DOUBLE PURIFICATION METHOD: Daikin air purifiers employs the Double Method, which is a combination of Flash Streamer Discharge Technology and Electrostatic HEPA Filtration Technology. Flash Streamer Technology emits high speed electrons, which creates irradiation in nitrogen, oxygen molecules. These molecules further decompose the viruses, bacteria & other harmful pollutants. With Active & Passive Air Purification Method, both inside and outside the machine can achieve the cleanest air for you.
  • LONG LIFE ELECTROSTATIC HEPA FILTER: Daikin’s Air Purifiers are equipped with Electrostatic HEPA Filters, removing up to 99.97% of fine particles between 0.1 microns to 0.3 microns in size. Electrostatic HEPA Filters have high efficiency in capturing particles and are less prone to clogging. Electrostatic HEPA Filter have high efficiency in capturing particles and are less prone to clogging. This filter helps to reduce impact of harmful city pollution on you.
  • TRIPLE SENSOR & 3D POWERFUL SUCTION: The unit comes with unique triple sensor technology to identify dust, PM2.5, odor and react accordingly. Wide powerful suction from 3 inlets that are strategically located apart from the air outlet, which optimizes the intake of air, allowing the most amount of dust to be absorbed and purified in a given time. The vertical arrangement of filters is unique and it facilitates the air purification process and reduce noise.
    • Warranty 1 year, For any product related query, please contact Daikin Customer Care at 1860 1803900


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