43-Inch TV Comparison: Lloyd vs Samsung - Which is the Better Choice?

by Manas Mahajan on Jan 17, 2023

43-Inch TV Comparison: Lloyd vs Samsung - Which is the Better Choice?

Are you planning to purchase a new 43-inch TV but wondering which brand to go for? Well, in that case, you are not alone in the club. Gone are the days when buying a TV used to be a simple process, as nowadays, the market is awash with tons of brands, making a choice overwhelming and challenging. While the options are endless, two brands that often give stiff competition to each other in terms of 43-inch TV is Lloyd and Samsung.

They are widely acclaimed for offering incredible quality and affordable pricing, thus making it difficult for customers to choose. But don’t worry, as our experts are here to assist you. We have reviewed Lloyd and Samsung 43-inch TV inside out and developed a comparison guide between these two notable brands to help you choose. Read on to find which of them will be a great addition to your home entertainment setup.

What to Consider When Buying a Perfect 43-Inch TV?

The 43-inch TV market is competitive, with many manufacturers vying to get their products into your living room. Therefore, it is vital to consider some essential factors to narrow the list and choose appropriately. Here’s a quick rundown of what you should take into account when choosing a 43-inch television for your home.

  • Resolution and Picture Quality

The first thing to consider is the resolution. A higher resolution will result in a clearer picture, but it also requires more processing power, which can affect the overall performance of the TV. It is also essential if you prefer watching 4K content. Since not all 43-inch TVs support this, you should consider it beforehand and narrow your choices accordingly.

  • Refresh Rate

A higher refresh rate results in a smoother image, but it can also increase the input lag, which is the delay between when an image is sent to the TV and when it is displayed on the screen. Choose a refresh rate that strikes a balance between these two factors based on your needs.

  • Color Quality

The next best thing to consider when buying a 43-inch TV is its color quality. With technological advancements, televisions can produce more realistic and vibrant colors than ever. When choosing a television, consider the color quality to find the perfect model for your needs. Also, ensure the TV you choose has a wide viewing angle so everyone in the room can enjoy the same excellent image quality.

Lloyd Vs. Samsung - The Key Differences to Know About

It’s hard to deny that the 43-inch TV is the sweet spot for many, as it’s not too large or too small and fits well in any home, no matter how big or small. But with so many different models, deciding which one is right for you can be overwhelming.

Hence, we draw a detailed comparison guide between two notable brands, Lloyd and Samsung, so you can decide which of these TVs is worth spending on your hard-earned cash.

  • Looks and Appearance

Buyers often misunderstand that all 43-inch TVs look identical; however, that’s not true. While these televisions are classified in the 43-inch category, they differ in terms of appearance, weight, and thickness.

When we compare Lloyd and Samsung’s 43-inch models, we find that Lloyd TVs are slightly more lightweight than Samsung. However, Samsung counters the weight with its less TV thickness, thus making it the first-hand choice for those who make choices based on appearance. Moreover, Samsung is slightly larger than Lloyd models, thus attracting customers who prefer size over anything.

  • Sound Experience

When looking for a new 43-inch TV, it's vital to consider the sound quality. After all, you want to be able to hear your favorite shows and movies clearly. Speaking of Lloyd vs. Samsung audio quality, Lloyd comfortably wins the round for several reasons. First, it features Dolby Audio and DBX Stereo Sound, whereas Samsung boasts only Dolby Digital Plus sound system.

In addition, the total speaker output for Lloyd is slightly more than the Samsung, giving it extra points. Lastly, Lloyd features a five-band equalizer feature to produce more precise sound, while this functionality is missing in Samsung models.

  • Connectivity Options

The next important element you should compare Lloyd and Samsung 43-inch models is their connectivity options, and Lloyd has the edge over Samsung in this round. It features 2 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports, 1 Analog Audio Out 35mm Jack, 1 Analog Audio In-RCA, and 1 Coaxial RF port.

However, Samsung 43-inch TVs generally feature 1 USB port, 2 HDMI ports, 1 Analog Audio In-RCA, and 1 Coaxial RF port.

  • Supported Formats

Samsung is always known for its compatibility with audio and video formats; hence, all Samsung 43-inch TVs support extensive multimedia codecs, audio, and video formats, images, and subtitles.

On the contrary, Lloyd lacks several format options and doesn’t support subtitles and multimedia codecs, disappointing concerned users.

  • Extra Features

Lloyd and Samsung give neck-to-neck competition when it comes to additional features. Samsung features USB HID Support, Screen Casting, Smart Share, SmartView, Local Dimming, Motion Interpolation, extensive in-built apps, and a Quad Core CPU.

Conversely, Lloyd boasts a smart remote, wide viewing angle, long-term warranty, and A-Grade Panel type.

Summing Up

Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget and preference when choosing a Samsung 43-inch TV. If you want an immersive experience with excellent picture quality, Samsung is the better choice. However, you should purchase the Lloyd 43-inch TV if you are looking for classic sound and better connectivity.