5 Best Daikin 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners In India 2023

by Manas Mahajan on May 15, 2023

5 Best Daikin 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners In India 2023

5 Best Daikin 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners In India 2023

Having a powerful air conditioner is vital to keep you comfortable on those sweltering summer days. But cooling your home can really jack up your energy bill if you haven’t invested in the appropriate appliance.

To avoid overspending money not only on the initial investment but also on the electricity usage from running the new AC, you must purchase a unit that strikes a perfect balance of quality and performance at the right price. That’s where Daikin Air Conditioners comes in. We’ve rounded up the 5 best Daikin 1.5 Ton ACs to help you select the best one for your needs and square footage. 

How to Choose the Right AC Capacity Based on Your Room Size?

Calculating the right tonnage for your room is mandatory before investing in an air conditioner. And the formula is quite simple. Find out the area of your room in square feet and divide it by 600 to get the basic capacity. Later, add 0.5 tons for every 5 people in the room. Ultimately, you’ll get the required tonnage.

In addition, some additional factors also play their part. A couple of them are listed below.

  • Hot Weather

It’s mandatory to consider the weather before spending on any AC unit. If you stay in a region with extreme weather, such as more than 45 degrees, add extra 0.5 tons to the basic capacity, for better cooling.

  • Terrace Flat or Direct Sunlight

If you reside in a terrace flat or house with an open terrace, consider adding an extra 0.5 tons to the standard capacity and purchase the AC unit accordingly.

  • Type of furniture

The furniture in your home indeed varies the load on your AC. Metal furniture absorbs heat and cold in the room. Hence, it is advised to have wooden furniture to ensure the efficient functioning of the AC. Also, the less furniture in your room, the better.

The 5 Best Daikin 1.5 Ton ACs to Buy in 2023

If you aim to beat the heat without breaking the bank, these Daikin 1.5 Ton air conditioners below may fit your bill. Compare these units and choose wisely.

1. Daikin 1.5 Ton FTKM50UV16 5-Star Split AC

This Daikin 1.5-ton Split AC comes with an inverter compressor, which means that it not only provides you with more energy savings, it’ll actually be quieter as well. This is because the inverter technology allows the AC to adjust power according to the heat load for efficient cooling.

While this modern technology increases the initial cost, this unit will lower the overall cost in the long run. It features Econo Mode, Good Sleep off timer, and Dew Clean Technology for better functioning of the AC.

2. Daikin 1.5 Ton FTKZ50UV16 5-Star Split AC

For a powerful AC with 5-star ratings and modern technology, look no further than Daiking FTKZ50UV16 Split AC. It has a temperature display on the indoor unit, so you don’t have to keep a remote in your hand all the time for a temperature check. This unit features a PM 2.5 filter to keep allergens and dust particles at bay.

It also features a new Good sleep-off timer to regulate the room's temperature, thus keeping your space cool and comfortable throughout the night. Some other high-end qualities that make this unit worth spending on are power-airflow dual flaps, 4-way swing, COANDA airflow, and Econo mode.

3. Daikin 1.5 Ton FTHT50UV16 3-Star Split AC

When you need something pocket-friendly and simple that can still get the job done, this Daikin 1.5-ton ac might be the best bet. It comes with Dew Clean technology to auto-clean the heat exchanger. The unit features a stabilizer-free operation, thus eliminating the need for extra equipment to run the air conditioner.

This Daikin Air Conditioner comes with a 3D airflow to regulate the temperature throughout the room and keep the space cool. Its indoor unit delivers a noiseless experience, so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

4. Daikin 1.5-Ton JTKJ50UV16 Split AC

The next comes on the list is Daikin JTKJ50UV16 Split AC. It furnishes your home with stunning cooling and temperature control consistently. The in-built channels ensure the air in your room is free from allergens while 3D wind current guides in uniform cooling throughout the room.

It has an auto-restart feature, meaning you don’t have to reset the settings manually after a power cut. All in all, this unit guarantees you quicker cooling without having to worry about an enormous power tab.

5. Daikin 1.5-Ton FTKF50UV16 Split AC

This Daikin air conditioner assures you to beat the scorching heat with its powerful features and functions like Power Chill Operation, Econo Mode, and Coanda Airflow. It has a dedicated sleep mode that auto-adjusts the temperature to ensure comfort during your sleep.

The Econo Mode prevents an electric overload, thus ensuring efficient operation by limiting the maximum power consumption. This Daikin model is energy-efficient and offers best-in-class cooling with easy upkeep.

Summing Up

Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to survive the approaching mid-June heat waves? Spend your hard-earned cash on any of the aforementioned Daiking Air Conditioners and beat the heat. These units are packed with all modern features and reduce electricity bills in the long run.