Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Vs iPad Air: Which Tablet is Best?

by Manas Mahajan on May 19, 2023

Samsung  Galaxy Tab S8 Vs iPad Air: Which Tablet is Best?

If you are searching for a powerful mid-sized tablet, Samsung Tab 8 and iPad Air are excellent options. However, the choice between these tablets might be tricky, as both are remarkably similar in size, design, and price. So, which one really deserves your money?

But while these devices look identical at first glance, a couple of changes inside make a significant difference. The Galaxy Tab S8 is much newer, whereas the iPad Air has proven its commitment to tablets over the years. So, if you are unsure which tablet is worth spending your money on, scroll through the round-by-round comparison of both premium tablets, and choose wisely.


A Quick Introduction to Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and iPad Air

Apple and Samsung are two big names in the world of smartphones and tablets. Both companies are widely acclaimed for manufacturing high-end products to cater to different audiences.

Having just been wowed by Samsung Tab S8 Series, Apple took a step further and revealed its impressive iPad Air with a middle-range price tag. However, the battle between them is fierce, making it challenging for users to decide.

Therefore, we’ve outlined a quick introduction to the Samsung Tab S8 and iPad Air to simplify your choice.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a speedy, long-lasting Android tablet. It features an 11-inch bright and responsive LED screen and is available for purchase at a starting price of $699. And for this price, you’ll get a model with 128GB of storage in your choice of Silver, Graphite, and Pink Gold.

While Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is the entry-level model of its generation, it doesn’t like it. With an approximate weight of 1.1 pounds, the Tab S8 feels comfortable in the hands, even during long gaming stints. On the back of the device, you’ll find a slight bump that houses the rear camera and magnetized strip where you can attach the S-Pen Stylus to charge it.

iPad Air

The fifth-gen iPad Air packs the speedy M1 chip as Apple MacBooks, making it more potent for content creators and gamers. This new version also gets an upgraded front-facing camera, 5G connectivity, and a faster USB-C port.

What wins us over is its medium-range price tag. Even with these new guts, the price starts at $599. This new iPad Air features a bezel-free design, a Touch ID top button, a 12MP rear camera, and a 10.9-inch LED display with 500 nits of brightness. Although it looks identical to its previous model, the design still looks fresh and entices iPad lovers worldwide.

Apple made a few changes to the exterior that may not be obvious to the naked eye. For starters, it comes in new shades, including Pink, Purple, Blue, and Starlight. Secondly, the USB-C port is twice as fast as the previous version.

There’s also a 12-MP ultrawide front-facing camera compared to 7MP on its predecessor. The camera sensor of the iPad Air is best known for panning and zooming automatically to help keep you in the frame during FaceTime calls.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Vs. iPad Air - The Key Differences

It’s time to unveil the significant differences between Samsung Tab S8 and iPad Air. If you find it tricky to choose between these two large-screen devices, read on for a thorough analysis of the two side-by-side, and spend your hard-earned cash on the appropriate option.

1. Design

Speaking of the design and screen, Samsung Tab S8 offers a slightly bigger screen than iPad Air and feels sturdy and robust. Moreover, it is also lightweight and offers an unmistakably high-end feel with its cool metallic design. Samsung Tab S8 has an enhanced 120Hz refresh rate and 1600 X 2560p resolution.

On the other hand, iPad Air sticks to its tried-and-tested formula for its design. It is practically identical to its predecessor and still looks compelling and comfortable. However, its refresh rate is stuck at just 60Hz, way lower than the Samsung Tab S8, and the panel lacks contrast.

2. Performance

It’s no secret that both these tablets give stiff competition to each other regarding performance. Samsung Tab S8 features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip and is built on a 4-nanometer process. It also features a low-latency S Pen in the box to facilitate the users.

On the contrary, iPad Air introduces Apple’s M1-Chip, the same chip found in the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro 13-inch. It includes an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU and Apple’s Neural Engine Technology. iPad Air offers lightening fast speed, offering killer performance far exceeding a tablet’s demands.

So, while Samsung Tab S8 is no slouch and offers excellent performance, iPad Air completely blows it out of the water with laptop-level benchmark results befitting its M1 chip.

3. Battery Life

The next factor that plays an integral role when comparing these powerful tablets is their battery life. iPad Air has left no stone unturned to improve battery life, and staying around 10 hours with the iPad seems satisfying.

However, Samsung Tab S8 blows this result away by lasting 12 hours and 59 minutes (approximately), with the display set to the same 60Hz as the iPad. However, if you jump to 120Hz, you might observe a drop of 6 minutes in the battery life, but it still wins handily at 12 hours and 53 minutes.

Which is better?

Wondering which tablet is worth considering? Well, that eventually depends on your requirements and budget. If you want a better display, long battery life, and an exceptional keyboard and stylus combo, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. However, you should consider buying iPad Air for the fastest and smooth performance.