6 Best Daikin 1.5-Ton Air Conditioners: Experience Both Comfort and Savings

by Manas Mahajan on Jun 19, 2023

6 Best Daikin 1.5-Ton Air Conditioners: Experience Both Comfort and Savings

Daikin 1.5 -ton Air Conditioners are the perfect choice for efficient cooling and comfort. With their superior quality and advanced technology, they provide maximum cooling while keeping hefty electricity bills at bay.

These air conditioners are solely designed to offer powerful cooling at an affordable price. Daikin 1.5-ton ACs are coupled with advanced features, such as Power Chill Technology, Quiet Operation, Eco-Friendly R-32 Refrigerant, and Timer functions, thus allowing you to customize the cooling experience to your needs. So, if you are looking for a reliable Daikin 1.5-ton AC, keep scrolling the page and find our top picks here.

Why Should You Choose 1.5-Ton Air Conditioners?

Selecting a 1.5-ton option can offer several advantages, whether you are buying it for home or installing it in commercial spaces. Here are some reasons why opting for 1.5-Ton AC may be a perfect choice.

  • Excellent Cooling Capacity

It’s undeniable that 1.5-Ton AC provides a balanced cooling capacity that can effectively cool a medium-sized room or office space. It also strikes a balance between powerful cooling and energy consumption, thus ensuring a comfortable environment.

  • Versatile

Daikin 1.5-Ton ACs are exceptionally versatile in terms of application. It can be installed anywhere, be it bedrooms, living rooms, commercial spaces, and more, thus making it suitable for various settings.

  • Cost-Effective

1.5-Ton ACs won’t break your bank and can be a budget-friendly solution to handle sweltering heat. Moreover, they are widely available in the market, allowing you to choose from various models. What makes them cost-effective is their compatibility with standard electrical systems. They don’t require any specialized installations, making them suitable for everyone.

The 6 Best Daikin 1.5-Ton ACs to Buy in 2023

If you’ve decided to buy a 1.5-Ton AC, you have already won half the battle. Now all you need is to jot down the best options and narrow down the choices based on your preferences. Here, we’ve listed the six best Daikin 1.5-Ton ACs that are energy efficient and extremely functional.

1. Daikin 3-Star 1.5-Ton Window Air Conditioner

If you are looking for an affordable option for a medium-sized room, consider buying Daikin 3-star 1.5-ton Window AC and say goodbye to sweat and humidity. This window AC comes with a 100% copper condenser and copper evaporator, thus offering exceptional cooling and requiring less maintenance.

It has an auto-restart feature to keep the appliance’s settings intact post-power-cut, thus eliminating the hassle of resetting manually. The AC also comes pre-equipped with the Timer option and automatically stops working after the preset time has elapsed, thereby conserving electricity.


Key Features

  • R32 Refrigerant
  • 5-year compressor warranty
  • Good Sleep Timer
  • Auto Restart
2. Daikin 1.5-Ton Inverter Split AC 5-Star

Daikin 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC can quickly cool your room by ensuring proper heat exchange. It has an inverter compressor that not only maintains a consistent temperature with fewer fluctuations but also helps save energy. It is ideal for a medium-sized room and allows you to adjust power depending on the heat load.

This AC has a Good Sleep-Off Timer option that automatically turns off the appliance after time preset time is over. It also comes with a Titanium Apatite Deodorizing Air Purifying Filter to remove dust particles and pollutants, so you can breathe clean air.

Key Features

  • 3D Coanda Air Flow
  • Econo Mode
  • Dew Clean Technology
  • Variable speed compressor
3. Daikin 3-Star Inverter Window AC

This Daikin 3-Star Inverter Window AC is an economical choice to handle sweltering summer. It has a copper condenser coil for better cooling and R-32 Refrigerant to keep things eco-friendly.

The AC is also equipped with a dehumidifier to save you from excess humidity on a rainy day. Additionally, it offers quiet operation, so you and your family members can enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep.

Key Features

  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Dust Filter
  • Copper Condenser Coil
  • Dehumidifier
4. Daikin 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Copper AC

Daikin Inverter Copper AC is an optimal choice for your medium-sized rooms. Its in-built stabilizer removes its dependency on the external stabilizer, thereby maintaining voltage fluctuations. It has R32 refrigerant, thus offering the lowest total emissions and notable life cycle climate performance.

Daikin Air Conditioners are equipped with 100% copper coils that serve as a backbone for a robust air conditioning system.

Key Features

  • Temperature display
  • PM 2.5 filter
  • 4-way swing
  • Econo Mode
  • COANDA airflow
5. Daikin FTKN50UV16V 1.5-Ton 3-Star Split Inverter AC

Another good option in the 1.5-Ton category is Daikin FTKN50UV16V Split Inverter AC. It is a budget-friendly alternative to meet your cooling needs and offers a Sleep Mode feature to auto-adjust the temperature during your sleep.

This Split AC comes with an inverter swing compressor and patented streamer discharge for healthy air.

Key Features

  • Dew Clean Technology
  • R32 Refrigerant Gas
  • Auto Restart
  • Copper Condenser Coil
6. Daikin JTKJ50TV16 1.5-Ton Inverter AC

This Daikin AC can prove to be an effective cooling option for medium-sized rooms with an area of up to 150 sq ft. It assures quicker cooling without increasing your electricity bills.

Its in-built channels assure to free the air in your room from microscopic organisms and airborne infections. The sleep mode of the appliance adjusts the temperature to ensure comfort during your sleep.

Key Features

  • 10 years warranty on the compressor
  • Auto-Restart
  • Sleep Mode

Summing Up

Looking for efficient cooling solutions to overcome the extreme heat this summer? Consider selecting any of these Daikin 1.5-Ton Air Conditioners and comfortably glide through the extreme weather.