Gift Your Mom an AC for the Summer This Mother's Day

by Manas Mahajan on May 08, 2022

AC For The Summer

Mother’s day is right around the corner, and it’s time you decide what to gift your Mother for this very special occasion. She may seem fine, but even your small effort means a lot to her. It’s okay to show your mother how much you care about her. So, this year make a difference in her daily life by providing her with a comfortable gift. After all, you are a grown-up now, aren’t you?

When you have enough money to spend on yourself and your family, you should choose a smart present, such as “an AC.” It might sound unusual at once, but trust me, it’s not! Air Conditioners are not something that may wear off over time. They will continue to give what they are originally meant for. All your life till now, she has been taking care of you. Now, it is your turn to give it back. Provide her enough comfort and take care of her all needs, because she won’t be the one to say it out loud.

So, bring home an AC this mother’s day and gift your MOM a steady relief from the scorching summers. Say “Thank You” for her care all this while with a gift of forever.

Why should you choose AC as Mother’s Day Gift?

Most of you folks have only given chocolates to your mom as a gift or some might have settled with a kitchen appliance. We bet you haven’t thought of an AC as a Mother's Day gift. So, why now? Let’s get into it!

To help her save more

Today’s Air Conditioners save energy instead of consuming more. With AC as a gift, you can gift your mother an appliance that helps her save money. In other words, your mother can be at ease with electricity bills.

To make her feel comfortable

Modern ACs come with various perks, making them easy to use at home. From programming to daily use, the simplest features of today’s Air conditioners let your Mom take charge herself. Some of the smart ACs are voice controllable and operable from your phones. In short, they will make her feel the comfort of modern technology.

To give her something that’ll last forever

You give your mother a handmade card. The ink will fade away with time, as loving as it'd be. But gifting her an air conditioner means something she’ll use for ten to fifteen years. Also, some ACs come with a maintenance plan. This means she doesn’t have to worry over anything.

5 Best Air Conditioners To Consider

So, now that you are well aware of the fact why you should choose AC as a Mother’s Day gift, it’s time to unwrap the best options you can add to your cart.

1. O General 2 Ton Inverter Split AC ASSG24KJTA-B

O General 2 Ton Inverter Split AC ASSG24KJTA-B

The Japan-based AC company O General has established a huge name in the Indian Market. Its 2 TON inverter split AC also lives up to the character and can be a great Mother's day gift. Here are the reasons for that-

  • Dry Function and Sleep timer mode
  • 1015 CFM Air Flow Volume
  • Human sensor and Inverter technology
  • 6300 Watt Cooling capacity, and many more
2. VOLTAS 36CZV 3.0 Ton Split AC

VOLTAS 36CZV 3.0 Ton Split AC

If you wish to gift your mother a cool environment for the whole day long at home, Voltas 36CZV 3.0 Ton Split AC can be your prior choice. Here are some of the reasons-

  • High-Quality energy-efficient compressor
  • Stylish Slimline design
  • Dual Control with LCD panel controller
  • Noise suppression feature for silent operation
  • Child Lock switch to protect children from unauthorized access, etc.
3. Mitsubishi Heavy 1.6 Ton Non-Inverter Split 3 Star AC 3

Mitsubishi Heavy 1.6 Ton Non-Inverter Split 3 Star AC 3

Mitsubishi 3-star non-inverter heavy hybrid Split AC helps you save up to 47% on your power bills. These features make it the best fit for a Mother’s day gift:

  • Maximum cooling capacity.
  • Air Flow like in Jet Engines and 3D autoflow for air distribution in 108 directions
  • Adjustable Swing Flap
  • It has Self Clean operation
  • Anti-microbial Fan to keep the state clean
  • Negative ION generations 24/7
  • Natural Enzyme, Solar, Allergen, and Anti-bacterial Filters
  • Automatic, Fuzzy, and HI power cooling mode, etc.
4. Mitsubishi Heavy Duty 3-star 1.5 ton Inverter Ac SRK18YXP

Mitsubishi Heavy Duty 3-star 1.5 ton Inverter Ac SRK18YXP

If you want extra comfort for your mother, you can also consider Mistubishi’s Inverter AC with these features-

  • Eco Smart R32 3D hyper inverter
  • Air Flow with a long reach
  • Enzyme and Solar Filter with Anti-microbial fan
  • Anti-allergy and activated carbon filter, etc.
5. Daikin 2.2 Ton Inverter Split 4-star AC FTKL71UV16T

Daikin 2.2 Ton Inverter Split 4-star AC FTKL71UV16T

Daikin has created a buzz since the moment it stepped into the market. Their 2 Ton 4-star Split AC will surely be your mother’s favorite gift owing to these features below:

  • 2 Ton cooling capacity.
  • 16 Meters Air Throw
  • 4-way Swing and PM 2.5 filter
  • Anti-corrosion on outdoor and indoor heat exchanger tubes
  • Quiet operations indoors
  • Five years warranty on PCB
  • Ten-year warranty on the compressor, etc.

Take home Daikin Air Conditioner this Mother’s Day and make this special person happier than ever.