Best Air Conditioners under ₹35,000 in India 2023

by Manas Mahajan on Mar 02, 2023

Best Air Conditioners under ₹35,000 in India 2023

Summer is approaching, and the sun is set to treat the earth with its fiery might, turning the world into an oven of unbearable heat. It’s no wonder that summers have been becoming intolerable year by year, making Air Conditioners a necessity rather than a luxury. This modern marvel is no less than a godsend for Indian households longing for relief and comfort from the scorching summer. 

With their cool and refreshing breeze, ACs provide us the comfort and coziness we crave and keep us safe from the blazing heat outside. But since the market is packed with numerous options, picking the best among the rest can be overwhelming. Hence, our experts have developed a guide giving you insights into the list of the best 1.5-ton Air Conditioners under Rs 35,000. Check them out and upgrade your home with one of these options. 

Things to Look For When Buying Air Conditioners

The benefits of AC go beyond just comfort. The calm and pleasant breeze of air conditioners helps lower our body temperature while preventing heat-related sickness. However, like any other technological product, the market is flooded with multiple air conditioners. And for a new customer with no experience, buying an AC is no less than a challenge. 

Hence, we have mapped out certain factors to consider when investing your hard-earned cash. Consider these tips, and be assured to make the right choice. 

  • Air Quality
  • Indoor Air Quality is something you should consider when buying an AC. Always opt for an air conditioner with a good air filter to improve the overall air quality of your house. It helps remove dirt and germs and sometimes filters out smoke and odors. 

  • Energy Efficiency
  • The second most important thing to keep in mind is the energy ratings. Check the product's star ratings, and ensure to make the right choice. The higher the number of stars, the better the efficiency of the air conditioner. 

  • Cooling Speed
  • Always invest in an air conditioner with varying cooling speeds. The adjustable thermostat and fans help you get different temperatures at different times of the day. This ability of the air conditioner to set variable pre-defined temperatures reduces energy usage and helps increase cooling efficiency. 

    • Installation and Maintenance

    The performance of the AC is also based on its installation. Inappropriate installation can harm the overall performance and components of the unit. In addition to appropriate installation, confirm the maintenance frequency to keep the AC unit working efficiently. 

    The 5 Best ACs under ₹35,000 to Buy in 2023

    Are you all set to dig deeper? Continue scrolling the page and find the five best ACs under Rs 35,000 to invest in 2023. We assure you this research will help and inspire you to buy the best air conditioner for your home. 

    1. Godrej GWQG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

    With an exclusive 5-star rating, Godrej GWQG has the world’s most environment-friendly refrigerant technology that promises to keep sweltering heat at bay. It is super energy efficient and coupled with the advanced twin rotary inverter compressor to deliver long-lasting cooling and effective performance. 

    This thoughtfully designed unit offers a 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor. It's a special anti-corrosive Blue-Fin coating on the condenser, and the evaporator coil protects from rust and corrosion.

    2. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-Star Split Inverter AC

    The second best budget-friendly option is Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-Star Split Inverter AC. It has a variable-speed compressor, which adjusts power depending on the heat load. This unit features 3-star ratings, thus reflecting best-in-class efficiency. Its copper condenser coil ensures better cooling and requires low maintenance.

    Speaking of its unique features, this AC includes a better LED display, intelligent sleep mode, auto-restart, and self-diagnosis. Also, it features R-32 refrigerant type, making the AC environment-friendly.

    3. IFB 1.5 Ton Heavy Duty Inverter Split AC

    The next best option to add to your list is the IFB 1.5 Ton Heavy Duty Inverter Split AC. Its powerful compressor works at peak efficiency during sweltering heat, and its copper condenser coil offers better cooling while enhancing machine longevity.

    Its special features include Flexi 8-in-1 cooling, Activated Carbon Filter, and 4-way air swing. Moreover, this unit comes with R32-eco-friendly gas to minimize its carbon footprint.

    4. Carrier 1.5-Ton 3-Star Split AC

    With 5200W cooling capacity and rotary compressor, Carrier 1.5 Ton 3-Star Split AC ensures effective overall performance and long-lasting cooling. It features 3-star BEE ratings to ensure its energy efficiency. The AC unit comes with an anti-bacterial and dust filter to keep allergens and dirt particles at bay.

    Its auto-restart feature is ideal for those regions with heavy power cuts. The copper condenser coil assures low upkeep and better cooling performance.

    5. Godrej 1.5 Ton SEC Inverter Split AC

    It’s time to end the list with yet another budget-friendly 1.5 Ton AC under Rs 35,000, Godrej SEC Inverter Split AC. It is engineered with R-32 refrigerant technology to make the unit eco-friendly and powerful. With a 10-year inverter compressor warranty and 100% copper condenser, the unit assures superior performance.

    Its reasonable noise levels assure noiseless performance and anti-corrosive coating on the condenser and evaporator ensures durability while keeping the rust at bay.

    Summing Up

    In short, the AC is a true lifesaver in the summer months, offering the comfort and relaxation we need to survive the blistering heat. So, what are you thinking? Take a moment to explore all these budget-friendly air conditioners mentioned above, and pick the option that syncs well with your budget and requirements.