Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher Comparison: SMS46KI03I vs SMS6HVI00I

by Manas Mahajan on Jan 12, 2023

Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher Comparison: SMS46KI03I vs SMS6HVI00I

The Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher is among the most popular on the market. There are two main models in the range, the SMS46KI03I, and the SMS6HVI00I. Both dishwashers have unique features and benefits, making it challenging to select the best option.

But don’t worry about it, as we are here to assist. Our experts have compared both options and compiled a guide outlining their major differences. Keep reading, compare these differences, and make the appropriate choice for your home.

An Introduction To Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS46KI031 and SMS6HVIOOI

Before we outline the differences between these Bosch Dishwasher models, let’s introduce them one by one to get a clear picture. Scroll through them and understand the basic features offered by these dishwasher models.

Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS46KI03I

This dishwasher is an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality, reliable, and efficient machine. It is packed with many features, and programs make it a versatile option that can meet the needs of any household.

Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS46KI03I boasts a 7-segment display, indicating the remaining time and standard info, such as the re-fill status. The machine comes with VarioFlex Baskets and VarioDrawer to offer enhanced readjusting options with more space on all levels.

It has a DosageAssist feature and a 10-year product guarantee against rusting of the inner tub. The machine comes with an ExtraDry option for difficult-to-dry loads. Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS46KI03I is a freestanding machine made of stainless steel and a removable top. Its red touchpoints let you know where and how to adjust the basket flexibility to place the dishes.

This dishwasher has foldable racks to provide protection and stability to the dishes. The best thing about this machine is its stainless steel material that handles everything so conveniently.

Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS6HVI00I

The Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS6HVI00I is a fully integrated dishwasher ideal for large families. This machine offers built-in support for Alexa, so you control it by voice. It features a triple rackmatic system that allows you to adjust the height of the top basket by up to 5cm. And you can make all these adjustments even when the machine is fully loaded.

This dishwasher is widely acclaimed for its incredible adjustment options and high-end flexibility. It also boasts an ExtraDry option to dry your dishes by maintaining higher temperatures during the rinse cycle and an extended drying phase.

Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, you must look for the Dosage Assist feature when buying a dishwasher to get optimal results. Thankfully, both Bosch 14 Place Dishwashers have this functionality to assist users. The Dosage Assist feature ensures effective and quieter operation. The machine comes with a 10-year rust-through warranty against rust through the inner cavity.

In addition to these features,  Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS6HVI00I also features a HomeConnect feature that lets you operate your machine from anywhere using your smartphone. The machine comes with various programs, including Auto, Custom, Economy, Intensive Plus, Normal, and Pre-Rinse, and you can pick the one based on your preference.

Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS46KI03I Vs. SMS6HVI00I - The Major Differences

Are you ready to compare the Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS46KI03I and SMS6HVI00I? Scroll down the page to find all the significant differences between these free-standing dishwashers and decide accordingly.

1. Connectivity

While both Bosch 14 Place Dishwashers look identical in appearance, there are certain differences between them that you should know before making a choice. One such difference is Connectivity.

Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS6HVI00I is an intelligent and fully-integrated machine offering a HomeConnect feature. It has built-in support for Amazon Alexa, thus allowing you to control your machine from voice. You can operate this iOS-enabled dishwasher from anywhere using your smartphone or voice assistant device, thus promoting easier everyday life.

On the contrary, no such function is available in its counterpart, Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS46KI03I. It doesn’t offer a Home Connect feature, thus following the traditional method of operation.

So, if you are interested in spending on smart appliances, then Bosch 14 Place SMS6HVI00I might be the best bet.

2. Lightweight

The second most important thing you should consider when buying a dishwasher is its weight. Never opt for a bulky dishwasher that covers lots of space and is hard to move. Between Bosch  SMS46KI03I and SMS6HVI00I, the latter is a lightweight option and is thus highly recommended, especially if you keep moving your dishwashers. With the lightweight half-load option, you can save energy and water when washing smaller loads.

3. The Number of Programs

Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS6HVI00I is a clear winner of this round, as it offers more programs and additional operations than its counterpart SMS46KI03I. The programs in the SMS6HVI00I are Auto, Custom, Economy, IntensivePlus, Normal, and Pre-Rinse, while those included in SMS46KI03I are Auto, Economy, Glass, Intensive, Pre-Rinse, and Quick L. Check all programs and additional operations of these dishwashers and pick the model that caters to your requirements well.

4. Price

Although features, appearances, and connectivity are important, you should not overlook your budget when purchasing the dishwasher. These are high-end machines that require a reasonable budget. Their price usually depends on the features they possess.

Hence, determine your requirement first and select the model that fits your budget well. Since Bosch 14 Place Dishwasher SMS6HVI00I is packed with more features, it has a high price tag.

Summing Up

That’s it. If you are more inclined to functionality, this might be the best choice, but if you are a budget-conscious customer ready to give up certain features to save bucks, look no further than SMS46KI00I. The choice is yours.