How to wash clothes with fabric conditioner in Washing Machine?

by Manas Mahajan on May 02, 2022


You might have heard about fabric conditioners prevailing in the market through TV or newspaper advertisements. But might not be clear about what they are and how they help you in your laundry. Isn't?

Well, fabric conditioners or fabric softeners are an important element that should be added to the IFB front load washing machine, for bringing a new freshness to your clothes, that you didn't know ever existed. If you are unsure about the usage of this product and its benefits. Then, worry not as we are here to assist.

Here in this article, we will be discussing specific detail about the fabric conditioners that you should be mindful of before adding them to your laundry collection. Let's get into the interesting details of the same, without wasting a minute any further.

What is a fabric conditioner? 

As the name suggests the job of this popular laundry product, a fabric conditioner is mainly used to soften and condition the clothes so that they do not become scratchy or rough on the skin's surface.

Along with that when these conditioners are added to the Bosch front load washing machine, they leave a pleasant fragrance on the clothes to make them feel fantastic. This product can be added either in the designated drawer while using the washing machine or can also be dissolved in the tub while washing clothes manually.

What does it do?

The job of this product is to not only make the clothes conditioned, soft, and fragranced. There are a few other benefits too that you can avail yourself of by adding the fabric conditioner in your IFB washing machine top load along with tossing your laundry in them. Some of those are mentioned below:-

  • It protects and takes care of clothes- Fabric conditioner lightens the fabric of the clothes and helps you to smoothen them. It also makes your clothes look new and good. As smooth fabric means less friction, it will also lead to less wear & tear on clothes.
  • Helps the clothes to retain their shape & colour- This is a magical product that keeps the clothes intact in their original shape. That means your T-shirt will remain your favorite clothing and will not become a crop top!! Fabric conditioners also help the Bosch washing machine top load to keep the colors of the clothes as it is.
  • Acts as a time-saver- Fabric conditioner is the best for those who do not have excess time to iron superly creased clothes. Garments washed with fabric conditioners are less creased and have a smooth finish. It also dries the clothes at a faster speed.

When you should a fabric conditioner? 

If anyone who suffers from a sensitive skin issue, has mild skin reactions or skin sensitivities such as eczema or any other skin-related infections, then in such a case fabric conditioners will be an ideal option for you.

This product will not only make your clothes happy and clean but also will add a new shine to them. It also softens up the fabric and protects you from any skin issues caused due to hard fabrics.

How to use a fabric conditioner?

Using a fabric conditioner is quite a quick and easy process. In most cases, you just have to measure the product and put it in your IFB front load washing machine, and the rest of the hard work will be done by the machine itself.

Read the below-mentioned steps for the same:-

  • Every piece of garment comes along with a care label, in which all the instructions to wash that apparel is mentioned. Check it beforehand and see whether it's machine wash or not. 
  • Pour the fabric conditioner into the detergent dosing cup and measure it before putting it into your Bosch front load washing machine. As per the instructions, 35ML of the product is enough for 4-5kgs of load and 55ML for 6-7kgs. 
  • Put the measured conditioner in the detergent drawer or any other specific compartment with a flower or star icon. Every model of the washing machine has a different place for putting in the fabric conditioner, so do consult the instruction manual beforehand. Remember to never put fabric conditioner directly into the drum, as it needs to be diluted.
  • The rest of the job will be done by your IFB washing machine top load itself, as it automatically releases the fabric softener before the rinse cycle. 
  • If you have an old model of a washing machine or wash clothes manually, then add the conditioner either before the rinse cycle starts or in a clean-rinsing bucket.

We hope that this comprehensive article about the fabric conditioners, their benefits, and when and how they should be added to the garments, might prove of some help to you. Using this wonderful product is the best possible way to keep your clothes fresh and in good smell.

Make sure you follow the above-mentioned steps of using the fabric conditioner in your Bosch front load washing machine. So, what's stopping you now? Go and get the fabric conditioner of the best brand available in the market to add a new life and shine to your garments.