What are the common myths about washing machines?

by Manas Mahajan on Apr 29, 2022

Myths About Washing Machine

Doing laundry is a basic household task that should be done with great zeal. Gone are the days when people used to hire washer-men to do their laundry as now with technological advancements, mechanized washing machines have taken their place.

The job of this appliance is to wash, spin, and clean the clothes with minimal human effort. Although this energy-efficient appliance nowadays is the most common in every household, there are still various misconceptions or myths about the usage, technology, operations, and features of the IFB front load washing machine.

Hence, here in this piece of informative article, we have tried out best to burst out the bubbles created by some of the popular myths. So without wasting a minute further, let's get started.

7 Myths about washing machine

Front-load models are better

One of the most common myths about washing machines is that front load washers are far better than top loaders. However, this is not true. Since both top load and front load machines are equipped with the same technology, they produce identical results. The only thing they both differ in is space. Moreover, front-load washers work more silently than the top-loaders, which is an added plus.

More detergent means cleaner clothes

It is an extremely common and false myth that needs to burst. People generally think that using more detergent cleanses clothes in a better way but the truth is far away from this reality. In fact, adding more than the required detergent to the washing machine might affect the components. The appliance may even stop working or result in failure as a whole.

It can also cause an unpleasant smell in the appliance in the long run and further damages sensors & water leakage. Hence, make sure to read the method of using liquid or powder detergent on their packaging before using them to avoid any mess later on.

Stains can be washed off in washing machines

This is an extreme misconception that rigid stains can be easily washed off in the washing machine itself. However, that’s not true. Pre-wash stain treatment is extremely necessary before starting with the wash cycle, as the IFB washing machine top load will not be able to specifically concentrate on a single stain.
Different types of stains need different treatments. For example, coffee stains can be treated with baking soda, sweat stains with lemon juice, ink stains with milk, or white chalk can be used to remove oil stains.

Button up the clothes before putting them to wash

While this is presumed as a myth, it holds great significance in real life. You should button up all the shirts and zip up all the pants as the loose ends of the clothes may get stuck in the washer due to high pressure, thus hindering the rotating movements.

Hence, if not done so, it may either result in the tearing up of clothes or stop the internal machinery of the washing machine. Purchase the best and the most sturdy washer dryer combo available in the market and toss in all the shirts and trousers after buttoning them up.

Hot water washes clothes in a better way

This is one of the most widespread myths amongst people. Definitely, the heat from the warm water disinfects the clothes effectively but before using the hot water to wash the clothes, you should watch out for the tags on them and read the instructions carefully, as not every fabric can withstand hot water.

Also, remember that heated water also adds up a lot to your electricity bill by increasing the figures of power consumption. So, use the heated water option in your Bosch front load washing machine and wash your clothes effectively.

No maintenance is required in the machine unless an issue arises

This is absolutely a false myth about washing machines. Rather, every electrical appliance in the household should get regular checkups about their proper functioning and well-being from the expert technicians at certain regular intervals.

This appliance has a lot to do with the water, certain moving parts, and various other mechanisms. Hence, a regular inspection of all these is extremely important for checking the in & out of pipes, regular spillage, cleaning of detergent residue, and increasing the life of your washer.

Do not fill the washtub up to its full capacity

Both the Bosch washing machine top load and front load are designed in such a way that they can only accommodate a precise limit of clothes in them. It is a false myth that if we choke the drum of the washing machine with too many garments with the least pressure, it can result in the ideal wash. Thus, you should always put the estimated volume or kilograms of clothes in a single wash to acquire the best results.

So, folks, these were some of the myths about either the Bosch washing machine top load or IFB front load washing machine that we have busted out in the above article. Over the years, you might have heard about these myths from people around you and thought whether they’re true or not.

Can We Keep Washing Machine Outside?

No. Keeping washing machine in direct sunlight will damage the internal parts of the appliance. When it is exposed to the sunlight, the motor gets overheated, which in turn leads to damage. Additionally, the buttons on the front panel of your unit may be prone to damage if you keep you appliance outside.

Now we hope that we’ve cleared everything for you. So, what's stopping you now? Toss your clothes in your washing machine without any worries, and enjoy doing your laundry.