Make your Summer more Cool with the Best Air Coolers

by Manas Mahajan on Jun 21, 2022

Air Coolers

Summer is soaring high, making it mandatory to invest in the cooling appliances that bring down the temperature inside the room and let you feel a bit more comfortable. While air conditioners are taking over the market, a majority of people still prefer air coolers, owing to their portability and affordability.

A number of leading electronic brands produce avant-garde products, based on modern-day requirements. All you have to do is make the right choice and survive the sweltering summer while keeping your electricity bills low.

Since the market is packed with loads of options, it is extremely challenging to keep yourself away from distractions and get the most appropriate product that syncs well with your needs and budget.

Therefore, we have compared several options available in the market and compiled the best ones for you. Scroll down the page to the end and make an informed choice.

A Guide To Make the Best Out of Your Air Cooler - 4 Easy Tips To Follow

Coolers are wallet-friendly appliances with a longer shelf life; however, they need timely maintenance for optimal performance. Here, we have curated the 4 simple tips to get the best out of your air cooler. Let’s have a look.

Ensure adequate room ventilation

Unlike ACs that work in closed spaces, air coolers require adequate ventilation to perform efficiently. Good ventilation is crucial to push out the humidity and ensure consistent airflow.

Appropriate placement

A rightful placement is a key to making a drastic improvement in air coolers’ performance. This appliance generally operates on the principle of evaporating cooling, which means that the more hot air gets in, the faster will be the evaporation, resulting in a cooler breeze. Always position your air cooler near a window, so that it can get an adequate amount of fresh air.

Always keep a check on the water levels

If you genuinely want to enjoy the best air cooler performance, always ensure adequate water levels before turning the switch on. It will not just result in optimal performance but also ensure a prolonger lifespan of an appliance.

Add ice for maximum cooling

You might be amazed to know that adding ice to the air coolers can work wonders for you. The pads become cooler when you put some ice cubes in the chamber, further reducing the temperature of the airflow.

Best Air Coolers To Beat The Heat

Looking forward to purchasing the new air cooler for your space? Here’s a quick rundown of the 4 best options to beat the heat with a chill.

1. Voltas WINDSOR 65T Desert Cooler

Equipped with Honeycomb + Woodwool pad, this Voltas Air Cooler ensures maximum cooling and long-lasting performance. Its motor is fitted with thermal overload protection and thus can easily handle voltage fluctuations without impacting the appliance. This air cooler also comes with mosquito repellent to avoid mosquitoes from entering inside. Since it consumes the least power, you can operate this appliance on an inverter without thinking twice.

Key Features

  • Touch and remote control
  • Gross Volume: 65L
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Type: Desert
  • Power Consumption - Cooling: 350W

2. Honeywell HPI015WE (P10)

Honeywell air coolers and enjoy a constant flow of fresh, cool air while keeping the electricity bills on the lower edge.

This product comes with a digital control panel so you can control the appliance from a distance. It has 3 fan speeds and you can adjust them based on your comfort level. This appliance is equipped with a Honeywell cooling media and mesh filter to ensure effective cooling. What’s more, it has a slim, sleek design that fits even in small spaces while accentuating the overall vibes.

Key Features

  • Low power consumption
  • High-speed fan blower
  • Easy mobility
  • Ideal for room size up to 120 square feet
  • Automatic louvers for effective air throw

3. Voltas Desert Cooler JetMax 70

Voltas JetMax Cooler will surely impress you with its sleek body structure and elegant design, making it ideal to fit into any little corner of your house. It comes with honeycomb cooling pads and turbo air throw for maximum cooling.

Frequent electricity cut is not a problem anymore as this appliance can easily work on an inverter, ensuring round-the-clock performance. It has a water level indicator and castor wheels, making it a perfect summer essential for all budget-savvy homeowners.

Key Features

  • 3 fan speeds
  • Oscillating swing control
  • Capacity: 70L, making it ideal for rooms up to 44 square feet
  • Slim and sleek design

4. Bajaj DMH80 Wave Desert Cooler

Bajaj is one of the pre-eminent electronic brands, that manufactures the best-quality air coolers for an improved cooling experience. It offers 3 different speed control options, so you can easily choose the one based on your needs.

The air cooler is also equipped with anti-bacterial technology to kill and prevent the growth of bacteria on the Honeycomb pads. Its Turbo Fan technology supports the efficient circulation of air with 60 feet powerful air throw. Bajaj Air Cooler comes with a remote control feature so you can control the appliance from a distance.

Key Features

  • 4-way Deflection Swing
  • Humidity Control
  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • Remote Control
  • Ice Chamber
  • Honeycomb + Wool wood pads for the maximum cooling
  • Castor Wheels
  • Auto Water Level Indicator
  • Powerful air throw with a peak of 4500 cubic meter
Summing Up

So, the list of best air coolers concludes here. We hope our research will help you make the right decision. All the options listed above offer best-in-class cooling and stylish looks to complement your space. Pick any of them and chill through the summer comfortably.