What are the Best Kitchen Appliances to Help Your Cooking Routine?

by Manas Mahajan on Jun 18, 2022

What are the Best Kitchen Appliances to Help Your Cooking Routine?

Who on this planet doesn’t love savoring delicious food; but unfortunately, not everyone has enough time to dedicate to the cooking. A good and healthy meal is a blend of precision and patience. However, our on-the-toes schedule doesn’t allow us to combine these elements; hence, we usually end up ordering food from restaurants.

That’s where the new and advanced kitchen appliances come into the picture. These products help you adapt to a healthier lifestyle while turning your hectic cooking routine into a delight.

Are you spending more time cooking at home and looking for a way out? Here, we have compiled the 5 best kitchen appliances that can help make it easy while saving time. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Traditional Vs Modern Kitchen Appliances - What should you choose?

With the speedy advancement in technology, the entire concept of the kitchen has been replaced. With the futuristic workhorses of the kitchen, you can now carry out your chores quickly while making your life a bit more comfortable.

While traditional appliances are versatile, modern ones are high on time management and let you complete hectic and complex tasks in practically no time. Moreover, modern kitchen products look aesthetically beautiful, thus adding a fashionable look to your kitchen.

Overall, both traditional and modern kitchen appliances are worth investing in and the choice between the two depends on your usage and budget. Whatever product you choose, make sure it eases your cooking routine while adding a rustic character to your space.

A Guide To The 5 Best Kitchen Appliances

The guide below entails the 5 best kitchen appliances that are worth spending for. Add them to your collection and make your cooking time a breeze.

1. Bajaj Majesty Grill Ultra Sandwich Press

Do you love grilled sandwiches and want to savor restaurant-like taste at home? Opt for the Bajaj Majesty Grill Sandwich Maker and get a convenient and quick solution to your cravings. It comes with floating hinges that automatically adjust to any size and shape of the sandwich. Moreover, the product has a temperature control knob to make easy adjustments. What makes it stand out from the bunch is its drip collector bowl for collecting excess oil so you can stay true to your diet plan. It has a stainless steel outer body with a mirror finish to add a chic and luxurious look to your kitchen space.


  • Power indicator
  • 180-degree open grill or griddle
  • Cool Touch Handle
  • Anti-Skid

2. IFB 30BRC2 30L Convection Microwave

Your next must-have kitchen gadget is none other than the Microwave. Invest in the IFB Microwave and enjoy baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting, and cooking. It is equipped with Touch Key Pad, so you can easily operate the appliance without putting much effort.

It comes with 101 auto-cook menu options that help change your auto cook settings without having to cancel them.

Ideally designed for grilling enthusiasts, this convection microwave features a motorized rotisserie to fulfill your barbecue cravings.


  • Weight defrost
  • Auto reheat
  • Multi-stage cooking
  • Child lock
  • Steam clean

3. Philips HD9252/70 Digital Air Fryer

Want to satiate your taste buds without putting extra inches on your waistline? Add Philips Digital Air Fryer to your kitchen collection right away and enjoy delicious, crispy food with up to 90% less fat. This appliance is equipped with the Rapid Air Technology that lets you enjoy healthy food with little or no oil.

Its unique design adds a modern touch to your kitchen while offering low-fat cooking results at a touch of a button. This air fryer is easy to clean and creates less smell than other similar products.


  • Keep Warm Mode
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Cool Wall Exterior
  • Power-on Light
  • LED Display
  • Temperature Control

4. Philips Citrus Press Juicer

Juicer is one of the primary additions to the kitchen. It not just quenches your thirst during the sweltering summer days but adds an appealing touch to your space. Opt for the Philips Juicer to your collection and sip on fresh, healthy, and yummy juices without stepping out of your comfort zone.

The product comes with a transparent jar that makes it easy to monitor juicing and thus avoids overflow. In addition, it has a pulp selector feature, which can make your juices all the pulpier. The juicer comes with a capacity of 1L and won’t consume more than 25W of power, making it a go-to choice for all budget-savvy customers.


  • Drip-stopping spout
  • Sieve adjustor
  • Two-way rotation
  • Lightweight

5. Siemens Fully Automatic Espresso/ Coffee Machine

The express machine is a big-time investment; hence should be done wisely. You can invest in the Siemens Coffee Maker and enjoy the freshly brewed coffee whenever you desire. It is equipped with an innovative sensoFlow heating system that makes coffee making the process a breeze.

It comes with piston pressure to maintain the ideal contact pressure for optimal aroma extraction. The product also has a flexible milk solution so you can decide for yourself if you prefer using the milk container or milk carton. It also comes with a separate container for pre-grounded coffee and a water pump with 19 bar pressure.


  • TFT display with an interactive menu
  • Can save 8 beverages with individual names and adjustable mixing ratio
  • aromaDouble shot
  • One-touch function for personalized milk mix beverage
Final Thoughts

That’s all about the best kitchen appliances that are worth giving a thought to. Pick any of them based on your needs and add a variety to your monotonous cooking routine.