What Are the Top 5 OTG To Help You In The Kitchen?

by Manas Mahajan on Jun 15, 2022

What Are the Top 5 OTG To Help You In The Kitchen?

The standard of kitchen appliances has developed so far. Those days are a matter of the past when a stove could cater to all your cooking needs as today, new and advanced appliances have made their way to our kitchen space. One such new-gen appliance is OTG.

A combination of Oven, Toaster, and Griller, OTG is every cooking enthusiast’s delight. It is a versatile product used to prepare, toast, and grill your favorite delicacies in one place.

However, buying the rightmost product that syncs with your requirements while being easy on your pocket isn’t as straightforward as it may sound. There are thousands of options available on the market, turning a simple choice into a grueling task.

Are you searching for the best OTG but unsure about where to begin? Here’s mentioned the guide that will walk you through the top 5 options that are worth spending for. Let’s have a look.

What Things To Consider When Buying an OTG?

Before jumping into the list, it’s recommended to learn about the essential factors that help you make an informed choice. Here, we have pulled together certain factors that you should be mindful of while purchasing the OTG appliance.


OTGs are available in a wide capacity range, from as small as 4.6 liters to as large as 60 liters. So, before buying this kitchen appliance, you must keep the family size and quantity of food in mind as it will help you choose the appropriate product.

Ease of use

OTG is a lightweight, portable kitchen appliance. It is widely applauded for its ease of use and you don’t have to watch tutorials or training videos to get started. However, the usage depends on the purpose of your buying as well. For example, if you are buying an OTG for cooking, then one with a larger capacity should be easy to use. However, if heating and defrosting is a major purpose, invest in the products with smaller capacity.

Power Consumption

The power consumption depends on the frequency of use and capacity of an OTG. While the larger OTGs consume more power but lead to faster cooking. Therefore, it is vital to consider your purpose and make a conscious purchase.

Functions and Features

OTGs are packed with multiple functions and features, including temperature control options, auto shut down, digital indicator, stay-on function, convection mode, and many more. It is advised to opt for the appliance that comprises all essential functions required to cater to your cooking needs.

A Guide To The 5 Best OTGs For Your Kitchen

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 5 options that are worth adding to your kitchen space. Scroll down the page to the end and make a wise choice based on your needs and budget.

1. Kent 16080 42L OTG

Searching for a smart, feature-rich appliance for enjoying restaurant-like recipes at home? Look no further and add Kent 16080 42L OTG to your kitchen appliances. This 2000W OTG is primarily designed to bake, grill, and toast effectively. It features easy-to-use knobs for adjusting time and temperature.

The Stay On function keeps your food warm for a long while and the auto shut-down feature turns off the appliance once the food is cooked.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Dual temperature knobs
  • Capacity to cook for 8 people at a time
  • Long-lasting performance

2. Philips HD6976/00 36L OTG

An ideal choice for a family of 4-5 people, Philips OTG is equipped with Opti Temp Technology that ensures uniform cooking. It features 10 customized menus covering multiple recipes with optimum results. It’s exclusively designed Preheat mode heats the whole chamber to prepare delicious delicacies like muffins, cakes, buns, bread, ad cookies.

This 36L OTG appliance comes with several accessories that make the cooking process easy, including Oven Toaster Grill, Tong, Skewer Rods, Grill Rack, Baking Tray, and Crum Tray.


  • 90 minutes auto cut-off
  • Powerful 2000W
  • One-touch preheat facility
  • 2-year warranty on the product

3. Havells Air Oven Digi 1500W OTG

Equipped with AERO Crisp Technology, Havells Air Oven OTG ensures rapid air circulation in all directions and thus assures even cooking. This appliance comes with an LED display and a touch control panel. It also features 9 cooking auto preset options with adjustable temperature control.


  • 360-degree air circulation technology
  • Cool-touch handle
  • 2.6L bigger size rotation drum basket and 4.6L non-stick rectangular shaped basket

4. Morphy Richards 60RCSS Luxe Chef OTG

A blend of premium gold and matte black fascia, Morphy Richards Luxe Chef OTG is no less than a centerpiece for your kitchen space. The integrated light turns on automatically when you start the process and continues till the end of the cooking cycle to help you see inside. It comes with 6 mode options for grilling, roasting, baking, and toasting.


  • Stainless body
  • 2-year warranty
  • Illuminated chamber
  • Premium design

5. Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS OTG

Looking forward to making a stylish addition to your modern kitchen design? Turn to Bajaj OTG and cook delicious meals in a jiffy. The 16L capacity of this appliance makes it an ideal choice for a large group of people. The heating element in the oven warms the OTG to just the right temperature to ensure you get the most crispy toasts.


  • 60-minute timer
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Convenient and safe
  • Keep Warm function
Final Thoughts

That’s all about the 5 best OTGs worth adding to your kitchen space. We hope our guide will make you familiar with all the essential factors that help you make the right choice. Select any of these OTGs and savor lip-smacking recipes in the comfort of your home.