Why Air Conditioners Are Essential For Schools?

by Manas Mahajan on Apr 12, 2022

Why Air Conditioners Are Essential For Schools?

We would want you to go back in time, and remember the worst memory of your school days. Yes, you guessed it right - being stuck in a classroom that felt like a sauna and is full of heat. A classroom can get quickly overheated due to the presence of so many students sitting around each other, which in turn, results in lower attention of students, reduces the learning rates, lowers their concentration, problem-solving skills & social skills.

That’s where Air Conditioner comes into the role. Voltas air conditioner is a perfect way to keep the hot temperatures under control this year. Adding AC to the classroom not just improves the health of both the teacher & students but promotes a productive learning environment.
Hence, for the physical comfort of the students and for providing good & comfortable teaching and learning environment to them, installing an air conditioner is a must.
Interested to know how installing a Daikin air conditioner in classrooms benefit the students? Here’s the comprehensive guide to the practical reasons and types of ACs to go for. Without further ado, let’s rumble.

3 Practical Reasons To Install Air Conditioners In Classrooms

1. Improves Concentration

It is a scientific fact that the brain stops working, and concentrating on things due to heat and high temperatures. Thus, the main focus of the school authorities should be on installing a Voltas air conditioner in classrooms to cool down the students' temperature while assisting them to have a better concentration on their studies.

The balanced and ideal temperature lets students concentrate so they can improve their grades and gain higher marks in the examination. 

2. Air Quality

Exposure to environmental toxins is harmful to the health of the students. A study claims that students exposed to toxified air have lower GPAs than those who are in the presence of healthier air and environment.

The toxic or polluted air also creates a direct impact on the health of the students, which can thus lead to their mental absence from class.

Hence, if the school wants to stand out from the crowd, it must go for the Daikin air conditioner and let students inhale filtered and clean air.

3.Increases learning capabilities

The learning environment of the student is directly proportional to what they are experiencing or studying in the classroom. If the environment of the child sitting in a classroom is full of heat & humidity, it will automatically affect its learning capabilities.

It’s no wonder that physical discomfort affects the student’s ability to focus on the complex chapters. They get irritated and have low moods when exposed to the hot temperature, thus unable to give their best shot.

Types of Air Conditioning Units to get installed in the school

Since now you are well-acquainted with the primary reasons to add the Daikin Air Conditioner to the classroom, it’s time to decide the option you can go for. Keep scrolling below to know what type of air conditioners are best suited for classrooms that promote productivity without creating a disturbance.

1. Wall-mounted AC

If you are looking for a cost-effective option that doesn’t require much hassle or set-up, go for the wall-mounted Voltas Air Conditioner. They are thin and long units placed according to the optimal height of the classroom.

Furthermore, they are able to circulate a good amount of air and keep students focused on their studies. If the classroom is too big, you can install two smaller capacity units of Daikin air conditioner instead of installing the big options to save bucks.

2. Cassette Units

If the school infrastructure has false ceilings then in such a case, cassette units will be the most appropriate and the best-suited type for classrooms. This type of Voltas air conditioner is suspended from the ceiling and looks almost like a flush-facia panel.
As these types of appliances are placed at the center of the classroom, they tend to distribute equal air to all.

3. Ducted Units

The ducted air conditioning system is the best suited for an educational environment especially if budget is not the constraint. It is the costliest and the most aesthetic form of the appliance in which all the internal units and ducts are hidden entirely in the false ceiling and the air is passed through just an open vent or grill.

Summing Up!!

That’s it, folks. A good, cool, and pleasant environment are necessary for both teacher and the students to concentrate on teaching & learning. It is a proven fact that the brain works best when exposed to cool and pleasant weather while leaving a positive impact on the academic performance of the students.

Air Conditioning benefits everyone. Not does it help in concentration but it can save on energy bills too. Hence, the school authorities should consider installing the Voltas air conditioner to offer a comfortable classroom environment.