How Do You Save The Most On AC?

by Manas Mahajan on Apr 25, 2022

How Do You Save The Most On AC?

Summers are the fun season for parties, outdoor games, activities, and hanging out. But the heat during this time of the year is unbearable for all. With the rising humidity and heat, air conditioners are the most effective appliance that allows you to stay indoors and relax in a comfortable, cool, and air-conditioned oasis.

However, this pleasure and comfort come with a hefty price tag. Not only do you have to spend a lump sum amount of money to bring the appliance to your home, but also the cost of running it or the electricity bill can get skyrocketed.

Thus, to help you enjoy summers with Voltas air conditioner while being easy on your pocket, we have mentioned a few cost-effective points below.

Let's get into the tips to keep you cool this summer season without making your pockets empty.

Plant lots of trees around the house

Planting trees around the house will help you in blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun from entering directly into the house. The sunshine enters mostly from the windows and roofs which directly heats the house.

Trees will obstruct the harmful sun rays and the house will have cooler temperatures. The cooler your space is, the less power is consumed by the Daikin air conditioner.

Cover the windows

If you live in storeyed apartments or flats, where planting trees is not a viable option, don’t freak out and get your windows ventilated with the help of solar or mesh screens. Installing such items outside the window glass pane restricts the sunlight from entering your room, maintaining cooler temperatures in the room and putting less stress on the cooling appliance.

Install ceiling fans

While it is obvious to have ceiling fans installed in our rooms, we do not usually use them along with the air conditioners. You will be surprised to know that running only air conditioners at extremely minimum temperature contributes to the maximum of your electricity bills. When AC runs alone, it has to take a complete load to lower the room temperature. The more load AC will take, the more bill you will have to pay.

Hence, during the night when the temperature is lower as compared to the daytime, you can switch on your Voltas air conditioner at 23-24 degrees along with your ceiling fan. This will circulate the cool air in the room and allow you to enjoy a sound sleep without eating away your electricity bills.

Get your appliance serviced regularly

No matter how much you have invested in buying an AC, it will not serve you with its maximum potential if not serviced regularly. Moreover, an inefficient appliance will also increase the usage costs; hence putting pressure on your pockets.

Thus, maintaining the unit on a regular basis is extremely important. Call the experts or the technicians, who can take an extensive & comprehensive look at your Daikin air conditioner. He will clean air filters and change them if needed, check for leakages if any, and repair the same, clean the dust from the vents, look at the proper working of the coils installed in the evaporator, and also solve other major or minor issues if any.

Make sure that your condenser is placed in the right place

While installing the air conditioners, you need to make sure that the AC condenser is located under the shade and has enough open space to dispose of the heat. Always keep the condenser a little above the ground level surface to protect it from grass shafts, dirt, debris, and small stones that may get inside and create a mess.

This can also lead to a severe problem which might result in changing the unit as a whole. Hence, choose an appropriate location to install the AC to make sure that the outer unit is in good working condition for a longer period.

Keep the temperatures low during the night

It is a myth that the AC unit will cool better if you run it at lower temperatures but the reality is far away from the belief. You should turn the temperature of your Daikin air conditioner to 23-24 degrees instead of 17 or 18-degree and feel the difference within a few minutes. It not just cools the space faster but will save bucks on electricity bills.

Switch off the appliance when not in use

The last but not the least thing you can do to save the most on AC is to switch off the appliance when not in use. If you are leaving your house or going out of the air-conditioned room for a longer period of time, you should make it a habit to switch off the device.

Over to You!!

That’s all for now!! We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you enjoy the best of Daikin air conditioner without putting a hole in your pocket. These steps not only help you in keeping the appliance in a good & running condition for a longer duration but also saves your working costs.