HAVELLS 15 L Storage Water Geyser (Fabia, White, Blue) - Mahajan Electronics Online
HAVELLS 15 L Storage Water Geyser (Fabia, White, Blue) - Mahajan Electronics Online

HAVELLS 15 L Storage Water Geyser (Fabia, White, Blue)

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Product description

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  1. Capacity: A 15-liter capacity is suitable for individual or small household use. It can serve one or two people for a bath or wash. If you have more users or anticipate higher water consumption, you might need a larger capacity water heater.

  2. Pressure Rating: A pressure rating of more than 8 bar is indeed suitable for high-rise buildings, as it can withstand the higher water pressure commonly found in such environments. Ensure that the water heater meets the building's pressure requirements.

  3. Vertical Design: A vertical water heater is ideal for large wall spaces, as it can be mounted vertically and takes up less floor space. This is particularly useful if you have limited space in your bathroom.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Look for a water heater with good energy efficiency to help reduce electricity or gas consumption. This can save you money in the long run.

  5. Insulation: Ensure that the water heater has adequate insulation to keep the water hot for longer periods, reducing the need to reheat frequently.

  6. Safety Features: Check for safety features like a pressure relief valve and a thermostat to prevent overheating.

  7. Installation: Make sure the water heater is installed by a professional to ensure it's done correctly and safely, especially in high-rise buildings.

  8. Brand and Warranty: Choose a reputable brand that offers a warranty on their products. This provides peace of mind in case of any issues.

  9. Budget: Consider your budget when selecting a water heater. Different models come at various price points, so choose one that fits your budget and requirements.

  10. User Reviews: It's often helpful to read user reviews and recommendations to get insights into the performance and durability of specific models.


A ) Made of ultra thick superior quality steel plates B ) Provides superior corrosion resistance & anti-rust property resulting in longer life compared to standard inner container designs C ) A die-hard life span for inner tank and more than 25% strength than S.S. tank, ensured by multiple on line testing including Uric Acid Test Anti Alkaline Test Fatigue Test Environment Synchronization Test Incoloy Glass Coated Heating Element Incoloy Glass Coated Heating Element Incoloy 800 glass coated heating element offers superior heating performance with its excellent resistance at high temperature setting . Also resists corrosion against extreme and hard water conditions thus extending life span of heating elements with minimum energy loss. Anode Rod Anode Rod The tank has an anode rod with a stainless steel core that is designed to protect the tank from corrosive elements PUF Insulation PUF Insulation CFC free thicker PUF insulation offers complete protection against radiant heat loss. Adjustable Knob for Temperature Setting Adjustable Knob for Temperature Setting Adjustment knob for setting the temperature conveniently. 0.8 MPa High Working Pressure 0.8 MPa High Working Pressure Suitable for high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications. The multi-function valve prevents pressure to increase beyond 8 bars. Whirlflow Technology Whirlflow Technology It avoids direct contact between cold & hot water flow for a faster heating and Optimized energy saving effecting 20% more hot water output. Multi Functional Safety Valve Multi Functional Safety Valve Protects tank from internal and external pressure build-up Power Cord Power Cord Fire retardant power cord. IPX-4 IPX-4 Ensure high level of protection for electrical parts from water splashing.

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