Morphy Richards Steam Elite 1200 W Garment Steamer  (White, Gold)
Morphy Richards Steam Elite 1200 W Garment Steamer  (White, Gold)

Morphy Richards Steam Elite 1200 W Garment Steamer (White, Gold)

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Morphy Richards Steam Elite 1200 W Garment Steamer  (White, Gold)

Morphy Richards Steam Elite 1200 W Garment Steamer (White, Gold)

Rs. 3,190.00 Rs. 4,195.00
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It seems like you're providing information about a product, possibly an iron or a household appliance. "Spray: No" suggests that this product does not have a spray function, and "Soleplate Type: Stainless Steel" indicates that the soleplate of the product is made of stainless steel.


It sounds like the Steam Elite Garment Steamer is a versatile and safe solution for removing wrinkles from various types of clothing and fabrics. Steamers are indeed a popular choice for this purpose, as they offer several advantages over traditional irons, including gentle care for delicate fabrics and the ability to work well on garments with embellishments or embroidery. Here are some key points to consider about the Steam Elite Garment Steamer:

  1. Safe for All Fabrics: The fact that it's safe for all ironable garments and fabrics, including delicate silk, is a significant advantage. This means you can confidently use it on a wide range of clothing items without worrying about damage.

  2. Gentle on Fabrics: Steamers use steam to relax the fibers in the fabric, which helps to release wrinkles without the direct contact of a hot iron. This gentle approach is particularly suitable for delicate materials.

  3. Preserves Embellishments: Garments with embroidery or embellishments can be challenging to iron, as direct heat can damage or melt these decorative elements. Steamers, with their indirect steam, are generally a better choice for such items.

  4. Quick and Efficient: Garment steamers are often faster than traditional irons when it comes to removing wrinkles. They can save you time when getting ready for formal occasions or when preparing your everyday attire.

  5. Easy to Use: Most garment steamers are user-friendly and don't require advanced ironing skills. Simply fill the water reservoir, turn it on, and start steaming.

  6. Portable and Versatile: Steamers are often more compact and portable than traditional irons, making them a great choice for travelers or people with limited storage space.

  7. No Burns or Heat Marks: Since there is no direct contact between the steamer and the fabric, the risk of burns or heat marks is significantly reduced compared to traditional irons.

In The Box
Sales Package
  • 1 garment
  • Morphy Richards
  • Steam Elite
  • Garment Steamer
  • White, Gold
Soleplate type
  • Stainless Steel
Comfort Features
Temperature Control
  • No
Indicator Light
  • Yes
  • No
Steam Burst
  • No
Self Cleaning
  • No
  • No
Power Supply
Power Consumption
  • 1200 W
  • 10 cm
  • 10 cm
  • 5 cm


Made in china

Mahajan Electronics

89-90 Raja Garden

New Delhi-110015

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